you can't go wrong with Andrew

"So, have you seen Bizarre Foods?" 
"Nooo...." Replies my cousin in the Facebook chat.
And I can hear the hesitant tone in his voice, like always when I ask if he's listened to an artist, read a particular book or seen a movie. The hesitant tone his probably partly from knowing that I'm about to suggest something for him to watch, read or listen to. He is after all 17 (almost 18) years old, and taking advice from someone ten years older... Okay, so probably I would have had my doubts as wekk. BUT, as it happens, I just happen to have extremely god taste in teveshows. And music. Not to mention in books! If I may say so myself.
When it comes to an soon eighteen year old guy who is about to graduate high school, Bizarre Foods is a match-made-in-heaven. It CAN'T go wrong!
Not only since Andrew Zimmern is constantly (or in the show at least) travelling from one city to another - which is a dream for most students who are about to leave high school behind. But on top of that, Andrew eats his way through the travels - and who doesn't love food?
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