Frankly - she's pissing me off!

Have you ever felt like everything is moving so slow that you just want to stand behind your life and push it along because it is taking way too long getting anywhere?
Well, that has been my constant state of mind the past months. All I want right now is to get there. Exactly where there is, is somewhat unclear. Nonetheless I do.
Which is weird if you knew me cause I am the one always telling my friends to "enjoy the ride" because you will reach your future sooner than you think and then regret having been so impatient.
Right now I am rolling my eyes and walking away from that girl - cause frankly, she's pissing me off!
Perhaps she wouldn't have if she wasn't me...
I have heard somewhere that the things that annoy you the most about others are qualities you yourself possess.
I truly believe in enjoying the ride bit and not rushing, and taking one step at a time. Only right now, I can't seem to wrap my head around it.
And I find myself wondering if people who have reached their dreams have felt the same feeling of restlessness.
What do you think?
When feeling restless and needing a break - I just love those afterwork dinner/girltalks with the lovely Marie.
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