Annoying and outright pissing me off

I can't come to think of anything more anoying than a person who constantly speaks and give you information about themself but never ever listens to you. What is going on inside this persons head I wonder. Is it an deluded idea that each and single event that occurs in their daily life is of great interest for their surrounding? 

Hmm... interesting

Or is it merely that they don't care? Perhaps they simply don't hear when their "insignificant" friend is trying to formulate sentences to put out into the world. They are so focused on what they are going to say that they only hear their own voice in their head. Well, I do hope that that's it. 
Because I can't be the only one who takes the slightest hint of offence, when I'm trying to re-tell an amusing or perhaps disturbing thing that happened to me on the bus the other day, and am interruptet by a friend. A friend who not only found that she was compelled to share her story at once but continues to move on to the next subject when done. 

Okay, shure interrupt me but please, darling, allow me to finish my anecdoct which made you think of yours, that by the way, had no relations whatsoever to mine...

If I'm the only one who finds this annoying and sometimes I'm-going-to-proceed-to-smack-you-in-the-head- if- you- don't- stop kind of emotion, I'll gladly make an effort to change this.

Let me know!