From fit to fat...

My time in Brighton has really left it's mark.  To my parents dread, I returned to Gävle with a large suitcase of clothes that hadn't been washed in a long time (no need mentioning how long). Accompanied with stories, that I now wish I hadn't shared, about what counted as "proper food on the island I lived on for three months. When I told them of my microwaved potato and mayo lunch and dinner they gasped in horror. 
    I don't get it!! It's FOOD! And for most of my classmates, as long as it's eatible and contains carbs. it counts!
So Pringles chips were not only a snack but sometimes a large part of my dinner, lunch or maybe breakfast. But not to worry, my usual breakfast was a black Americano served by the not-so-friendly female-caféteria-staff, and a chocolate cake.

Breakfast routines:

The first weeks I lived with a family which meant that breakfast came with the package, along with the occasional dinner. My second family didn't have the best breakfast, so on my third week in Brighton, I began my day with an Americano and a choco-cake. You know what is said for the next one. Third-times the charmed. Well, something like that. I was allowed to eat whatever I wanted, but it is a strange situation to live at a family's house...Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on white bread and cerials is what was served. This was actually tasty but since I had a bad habit of oversleeping or perhaps it was the fear of arriving late that had me jump out of bed, get ready and head off for school. This had it's perks, cause I would pass Starbucks on my way to the bus stop ;) And you know what that means. So maybe the third time was charmed?!
     After this I moved to my fourth and last room which was at Queens Park, and there breakfast was on me...Which of course meant, Americano and cake. 

     What can I say, I'm a very lazy person.
Anyways...back home, with some help from mom I'm back to somewhat healthy habits, with rice-pudding and crisp-bread for breakfast.

However, I think the healthy habits might be opposed by the amounts of gingerbread cookies I consume everynight...

I just might be moving from fit to fat...

Music is my hot sex

I read an interesting article in the British issue of Cosmopolitan last night regarding what women prefer. For a change :p The preference was between shopping and sex. Now, I've given this some thought and I think it's a dead end question. You can't ask a girl to choose between shopping and sex! It completely depends on what mood she's on. Because no matter how much one enjoys sex, sometimes a girl simply needs a pair of new shoes, or a dress or a handbag... Well, you get the picture.
I know that a day of shopping followed by an hours hot bubble bath while reading Cosmo and listening to Pavarotti, surrounded by candles, is a dream scenario. Of course I don't need to mention that there will be a few strawberries and a piece of dark chocolate next to the tub! Anyways, this scenario would be followed by a couple of hours of drinking drinks and getting ready before heading out with a few girlfriends. Heaven, for me!
Better than sex??! You decide! But here's the answer: YES!!!

Change of scenery

After a day of packing, a night of running around the city of Brighton saying goodbye to all the guys, and a last visit to the Miami hotel where I annoyed the guys on the top floor for the last time I returned back home. To Sweden this time, and strangely enough it doesn't feel all that bad. No post-France depression and with any luck, there won't be one either. 
Even though we have been speaking swedish throughout the three months, it feels odd to hear others speak the language. I spent the morning speaking english to the nurse during my hospital visit. Iit's corny, I know but what the hell, I have to use by british accent, right??!

Yesterday I landed in Stockholm and after my doctors visit early this morning I spent most parts of the day in bed. Sleeping that is!!! The cough is still bugging the crap out of me and forces out strange noises when an attack hits when I'm trying to speak. And for someone who LOVES to blabber it's a hardship.

Thank god for texts!

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