All Hallows Eve

And so the sought after holiday has finally arrived. Halloween is here and for the first time ever I do not have a pumpkin waiting to be carved or a horror movie waiting for me. However, the fun of life is to try new things, right? So instead of inviting a few friends home tonight I'll be going out. Hopefully in som sort of an appropriate costume, but since I'm still sitting at the school working on a column (how great that feels to say) and an article, it doesn't seem like I'll be able to do much. 

I know that there will be a James Bond at Miami (uk) and one guy in a mustach.

Well, the time has come for me to go. Happy Halloween!

to send or not to send

Okay, sis. So here's the deal, I haven't bought the mic yet. I know, I know I work slow. But in all do respect my diet isn't exactly the kind that improves your memory, and mine was already selective before coming here. As you know I have been living on a strict diet involving McD. and Burger King. Even had breakfast there this morning after the rough night I had. Must say that I did at one point close my eyes and end up banging my head against the window. The guy sitting next to me who woke me up looked somewhat terrified.

The point is... you can send a mic! Please

So...I'm the school again

So, I'm back at school again. The essay is finished and is currently under being carefully scrutinized by a boy in my english class. Trying to decide whether or not it is acceptable to hand in to Anita. When you study rhetoric as he does and I have, being able to handle critic with a calm and together manner is crucial. Otherwise, you'll end up standing in the middle of you class, bursting into heavy Scarlett O'Hara tears before beginning to shout incomplete sentences. Screaming that nobody understands you and that they can all go to hell. 
      As it turns out I got a great deal of positive critic from the first set of objective eyes. Now it's John's turn to pic my essay apart. The response arrived. And good news, it's a girl! :D

My night spent at the library wasn't in vein. 

If you'll excuse me I'll have to pat myself on the back! Thank you very much! 

The all-nighter

Goodnight, or well, goodmorning. The deprivation of sleep has me bit dizzy... Tonight was the night!

The night I pulled a literal all nighter and spent the entire day and night at the library, with a good portion of my time spent in the cafe downstairs. The panic I felt yesterday about the essay on the book Song of Solomon is now instead replaced with exhaustion.
    Proud is the other emotion :D I did it! Yey.

Now I will head home, take off my contacts and get a few hours sleep before returning to hand them in.


Fingers crossed babe

Here are two fingers crossed for your exam sis. You know it'll go well, just as long as you get there :p Just kidding, hey give me a break, just been sitting studying all day long and with the prospect of tomorrow being a repeat I think you can endulge me.

On the subject of the mic. will do as soon as I can dig my head out of my Song of Solomon book that will keep me at the library all night tomorrow. Something to look forward to as I turn in tonight. Or rather morning...

Thnx for enjoying this blog, as I enjoy writing a "few" words now and then. Feel free to COMMENT! Lol. or not, just continue to read and leave the computer thinking how funny or what a crazy  girl, or whatever. Maybe that's optimistic? You probably leave thinking: how increadibly booring...wonder what she'll write tomorrow!

Don't care what you think, your opinions are your own, these are mine. Enjoy!

Pulling a Seinfeld

One day later, the same location - another computer and a few events into the future, here I sit wondering what I'm going to write. Does it really matter? I could just write about nothing, as some do. Just yammer on and on - like Seinfeld.

Or maybe about my day, perhaps I do that alot and I hate to bore you with insignificant details. Like, that I had two classes in between which I ate a lunch consisting of homemade food for the first time since arriving. Then read a few pages out of Song of Solomon before attending the football game at the sportscenter. But as I said, I would hate to bore you to death with details. For example that I wore the grey dress/jumper my parents send to me, together with my striped stockings. My red jacket I don't even think I would have to mention as that's a constant factor of my outfits. 

Possibly I should follow the direction of so many famous "bloggers" and write about my latest favorite outfit I saw at a store downtown...besides the fact that the last thing I bought was a grey, again, dress/jumper, that I like but not particularly fond of. Then again I could tell you about the gorgeus purple hat I bought at United Colors of Bennetton, but why should you be interested in that? Makes no sense. I wear the hat and it's of absolutely no interest for you since you're not in my closest proximity and wouldn't be able to borrow it. Not that I would lend it to you. 

I could talk about my latest Starbucks visit but since those are weekly regulars in my daily life here in Brighton it isn't half interesting for you to know. The chances are that during one of your (you who know me) phonecalls I've been at Starbucks. Do hang out there too much, I am told.

No none of these subjects hold greater interest to me at the moment, so I'm just going to move on and check my facebook and then head home to read the book "Song of Solomon".

Sorry that I have bored you with this blog about absolutely nothing. My grievest appologies.

The male m

Sitting at the library with John and listening on youtube a man speaking to an audience about the do's the don'ts and the how's to approaching a woman, being a woman myself, I must say that it is quite interesting to listen to how the male mind works.

Know that my written proficincy teacher would lecture me about my long sentences :p

Anyways: with John by my side I get to hear a load of inside information that will certainly occupy my head the next time I go out. As J. says everything that this man say's to this crowd of helpless men are things that everyone knows. Yet, somehow when in progress the mind has a funny way of rationalising these rational thoughts away and stay with the irrational ones. Like, if I text him over and over again without a response, there isn't any reason for him to stop responding is there.

The package

The package with the clothes i've been waiting for, is at last sitting in my room on Queens Park. Although it's only a few pieces of clothing I couldn't have got happier to see the welcome addition to my small wardrobe. Not five minutes after stepping into the house did I rip the package apart and put on the warm sweater -dress from H&M. Feeling it would be appropriate for yet another all day and possible evening study session at the university library, trying to pound information into my head. Allophones, diphthongs, H-dropping...the list goes on and on.

Thought I'd manage to write a couple of words while waiting for Britta to arrive so that we can devour a burger before getting down to business.

Pink pj's

I'm sitting on my bed in my pink pj's, eating a jacket potato, a green salad and Uncle Ben's sweet and sour sauce, an appropriate ending to the unusual day/night I've had. It''s not every day you sit at the library until two thirty studying for a test. Well, at least not in my everyday life. This sort of thing only happens in movies...or, at least I thought so.

Tonight I sat at the library studying for the phonetics test on wednesday, or since it's officially tuesday, the test is tomorrow. Horror, the test is tomorrow... An expert of beginning to work and immediately finding something more interesting to occupy myself with, tomorrow will be a true test of character.

Will I be able to focus and pass the test of?
        A yes/no question - high rise, polite

the end

Dawsons Creek

Currently sitting at the library at Uni and thinking about pulling an "all night" study session, in true university style, and suddenly 'Dawson's Creek' pops into my head. You know the episode where a bunch of Dawsons friends come together to study for a unexpected test, they end up staying up all night, and besides studying they play games and have frequent breaks...mix study with pleasure...
      Only the only thing pleasant about tonight is that hopefully I will pass the phonetics exam I idiotically enough didn't begin to study for until five hours ago. 
     There is however something exciting about knowing that I am at an university library that's open all night and with at least five (okay, so I'm optimistic) coffe-breaks, hopefully tonight won't be so bad.

I know that at around eleven o'clock I will be cursing myself and probably make tons of promises about starting to study for the next exam one month in advance (a promise that will be flushed down the toilet as soon as I step out of the exam room at Russell building).
For now, I am still somewhat awake and can be considered part of the about six hours I will most certainly be able to consider myself a zombie. Not out of place as Halloween is coming with rapid steps...Perhaps quicker than I thought.

I'm not making any sense, I know, it's the lack of coffe in my system...
                          I'm gonna do something about that... see you on the other side ;)

Man must Dance

Fencing today exceded my expectations. Coming to the class none of the girls, that would be me, Jo, Catherine, Maria and Lydia where really on the top of our game. It had been a long, long day.

I found out that, not only do we have to write a essay on "Educating Rita" but the three hundred long 'Song of Solomon' is due, not next monday but the following. With my little sister visiting, it is an understatement to say I was stressed. 

Catherine had had a bad day and wanted to leave class during the morning after contiously bumping into things, only Maria could talk her into enduring. 
And Lydia... Lydia went home after class and took a nap! 
However, once there, each with a sword in our right hands and the proper fencing clothes on, we began to fence. I must admit that the song Sandra let me listen to on her Ipod really did the trick, cause as I was fencing against Graham, I began to feel like Robin Hood. The song: Man must Dance, do have a cling of truth to it doesn't it? Dancing back and forwards across the white lines, I eventually won my first mock-fencing match. With that, a bad day turned good. Sure I wasn't trying to save the virgin Marion out of the hands of evil king John. But, come on...where am I gonna find a king?!

Tomorrow an excursion to Chichester awaits, and although no risk of playing Robin Hood there - unless we find a sword :) -  I look forward to it with high expectations, and, hopefully a coffee. 


fencing, the Badger and exploring Brighton

Studying at an University in Brighton has it's difficulties. So I am studying according to a Swedish module meaning it's theoretically the same as if I were in Sweden, however. No!
The English culture involves nights out at a pub just about every night of the week, something that we (the Swedes) took slightly too seriously. The first four weeks (okay, month) were spent at various pubs, drinking, getting to know each other and of course getting to know others. First time out, the club "arc" received the honor to host the majority of the Swedes as we visited the Indieclub, where just about everyone found someone "interesting" to "dance" with. We had a blast and the following week's was hectic, running from one pub to the other, I didn't even consider that I was here with a purpose:
      - to study!

Now I'm struggling to catch up while balancing fencing classes, the school newspaper (the Badger), finding time for my new found friends and exploring the city I live in.
    I'm sure I wouldn't be having this problem had I studied in Gavle or even in Gothenburg.

I mean...
                do they even have fencing classes there?!

Anything but what I'm supposed to do

How some people know without a doubt know exactly what to do in their lives. Sitting with my computer on, two days until the deadline to choose a course for next term and with thousands of possibilities, I have not a clue as to what to choose. Here, you see, sits a girl with a severe case of unability to make a decision. There are so many things I'm interested in and several different ways to get to my goals, that I can't for the life of me make up my mind.

However, seeing as how I can stand in a store for hours trying to decide whether to get crisps or icecream, it isn't very hard to understand how a life altering decision has me jumping up and down in frustration. 

So I'm back!
At the same place as last year, with the only different that I know a bit more now. Ha, realisation, I know more. So it is true that you learn with time. Yet, it is still just as difficult as it was then. 

So what have we learned from this update of my blog? 

That I have a real gift! 
 - For finding ways to not do what I'm supposed to. 
Better try and get some things done then...Maybe I'll check if anyone wrote on my wall.. 


One of those days

There are things you look back at, wishing you had done them differently or that you had done something at all...Maybe that you had asked that girl on the street where she bought those gorgeus pair of boot's,perhaps that you had walked up to that cute boy in you class or, well, anything. Yesterday was one of those days. Not one that I regret but one where I did everything that came into my mind. 
Okay, so I didn't mean to trip and nearly crash half the Badger director's office, but I several other events lead to yesterday being a GOOD day. What happened? 
- The Starbucks guy bought me a ´double chocolat muffin´. 
- A old man in a wheelchair told me I was a really nice person (for lending him my cellphone) then preceeded to ask me to have coffe with him. An offer declined. 
- I asked bus inspectors what their jobdescription was. (haha) Would have regretted it, had I not. 

During these past few days, I have caught myself longing for two of my favorite holiday's: Halloween and Christmas! Now that I am finally in a country that celebrates Halloween the way I like it, I am going to really enjoy it.
A bunch of Christmas movies await. I suddenly had a strong urge to watch Home Alone with Macually Culkin. Anyone interested? 

Oh yeah, and I've found the most perfect wrap paper for my presents! ;)

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