Change of scenery

After a day of packing, a night of running around the city of Brighton saying goodbye to all the guys, and a last visit to the Miami hotel where I annoyed the guys on the top floor for the last time I returned back home. To Sweden this time, and strangely enough it doesn't feel all that bad. No post-France depression and with any luck, there won't be one either. 
Even though we have been speaking swedish throughout the three months, it feels odd to hear others speak the language. I spent the morning speaking english to the nurse during my hospital visit. Iit's corny, I know but what the hell, I have to use by british accent, right??!

Yesterday I landed in Stockholm and after my doctors visit early this morning I spent most parts of the day in bed. Sleeping that is!!! The cough is still bugging the crap out of me and forces out strange noises when an attack hits when I'm trying to speak. And for someone who LOVES to blabber it's a hardship.

Thank god for texts!

Postat av: Pa

2008-12-18 @ 11:16:13
Postat av: Parisa

Oj, tryckte visst för tidigt :-p

Är så glad att det inte har funnits några efterreaktioner á là Frankrike :-p

Längtar tills vi ses lillasyster! Njut av vintern så länge.. haha..

Puss puss!

2008-12-18 @ 11:17:41

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