Music is my hot sex

I read an interesting article in the British issue of Cosmopolitan last night regarding what women prefer. For a change :p The preference was between shopping and sex. Now, I've given this some thought and I think it's a dead end question. You can't ask a girl to choose between shopping and sex! It completely depends on what mood she's on. Because no matter how much one enjoys sex, sometimes a girl simply needs a pair of new shoes, or a dress or a handbag... Well, you get the picture.
I know that a day of shopping followed by an hours hot bubble bath while reading Cosmo and listening to Pavarotti, surrounded by candles, is a dream scenario. Of course I don't need to mention that there will be a few strawberries and a piece of dark chocolate next to the tub! Anyways, this scenario would be followed by a couple of hours of drinking drinks and getting ready before heading out with a few girlfriends. Heaven, for me!
Better than sex??! You decide! But here's the answer: YES!!!


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