And then there were two

Yesterday I got an email that nearly stopped my heart! I was asked to write another column for the college newspaper back home, and even though it isn't a HUGE event, for me it's somewhat big. So this means that either they are desperate, or they read what I wrote and actually liked it. They liked it! So yet another column is know in the progress and the smile on my face couldn't be wider :) Despite the stress the last one had me under, I look forward to the next piece which will be completed before I board the Sas plane and head home.

But one step at a time, right now I'm heading for the city where I'm hoping to pick up my uggs and then go to a Starbucks and endulge myself in a hour of drawing. Tonight I will hopefully be cooking and then (finally) eating a homecooked meal with Freddy. 

By the way: John has promised to cook for me! 

Have I told you how much I LOVE my friends?  

Postat av: Anonym

Är det sant?? Ska du bli författare nu? :-D Ska säga till M att hämta en massa exemplarer av den tidningen!Jag är stolt över dig gumman :)

vet du, snart får du banne mig ta och höra av dig lillasyster! sluta vara så kaxig :-p

2008-11-23 @ 21:12:44

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