Drinks and massage!

Going out always seems like a good idea. I like chatting with people, love dancing and appreciate a good excuse to have  a Red Bull without being told how bad it is for me. The plan for Pierres birthday was to meet at Miami at eight where we would sit and have a few drinks before moving on to Coalition. As usuall hours were spent at the hotel, and once we got out I was in the worst mood you could ever be in. Never felt less like going out, and at the same time in the most need to do so. I needed people around me, and as there isn't anyone in my room ( hmm) I decided to accompany the gang, of Freddy, John, Pierre, Hank and Theo to the club.

Anyways, considering the bad mood I was in, I didn' t think anything or anyone was going to be able to make me smile or be able to enjoy the night. So thnx for listening ;)

Tonight was spent at a fancy restaurant/bar with few of the miami girls where we had a couple of drinks each and chatted about nothing :) Always fun. No dancing but that'll come tomorrow!!! Hopefully no sad faces...

How does this sound? Cleaning and cooking in the morning followed by a day of shopping. And a nice relaxing massage before going out. See if the last can be arranged...


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