Womans purpose in life

A womans purpose is to be a mother and have children! Isn't it?
For a "woman" (okay so I feel slightly wierd referring to myself as a woman) who has never thought about having children further than to the extent of how extreemly painful it will be, this statement sounds ridiculous. Nat was being sarcastic when uttering these words, but just to think that some actually feel that way makes me laugh. As if women have nothing better to do than give birth. Only men, who have absolutely no possibility of experiencing this event first hand, could say something like that. I know that the pain should be the last thing on once mind when thinking about having a child, but I simply can't help myself. Even if you forget about the pain (not an easy thing to do), the statement above would mean that as soon as a woman is fysically ready she should go ahead and squeeze out a baby. Would I have wanted children I couldn't imagine doing it before the age of 30. At the very least.
    When a guy recently told me that he want's to be a father when he's 23 I couldn't believe it. To me that's is unthinkable, to in three years have a child and a family to think about. I can't even stretch enough to think about what I'll be doing in four months, let alone three years. But then again, I am quite selfish. Or so I've been told...  


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