Booring 411

The day flew away today, and I have no idea what happened to it. We were going to watch John's basketball game and then come home and cook a dinner while sipping on a glass of wine.
I don't even have to mention that there would be substantial amount of girl talk! Yes, I know I'm only feeding the cliché that girls gossip and tell each other everything, but to be honest...I don't care! Sometimes you NEED to gossip with a girl friend. And most importantly I'm a very curious person and want to know.
But don't let there be a misconception here. Girltalk does not automatically meen girl to girl. I've had girl talk to guys and it's an experience on it's own, and you should really set a date with your girl-guy friend for a "girls" night out. I've learned alot of things that were previously unknown to me.
    Moving on, the game took a while and when we stepped out of the high school it was dark out and the cold was cutting through our insufficient clothes. A few items were purchased at sommerfields and Sainbury's before heading home. The dinner was however posponed and after ALOT of texting we ended up at Brighton pier. A walk through the arcade later we followed the promenade to Buddies. This very expensive restaurant offered us a perfectly acceptable Devils cake, which we consumed while texting our respective...hrm...interests. A couple of hours later I felt like dancing so we headed home and I quickly changed before once again heading out in the freezing temperature. I stood in the queue for Arc and reached the door before I decided to not pay £5. I'll wait until wednesday when a visit to Oceana is on the calender. it came finally. The detailed 411 of my day. To anyone who suffered through the booring text. I apologize. I'll do better tomorrow!


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