The roles we play

The roles that women and men have and that some of us choose to play along with are not of the twentyfirst century. It is the mans role to ask the woman out for a date, during which he shall behave like the perfect gentleman. Starting from picking her up from her house (where she has been sitting on her hands for an hour, waiting, anxiously), opening the door car door and later on the door to the chosen restaurant and pulling out her chair.
Wrong! If you are to believe my source (lol). Well, this is only one mans view of course, but it is quite interesting. Being for ever fascinated with how the male mind works, I'm choosing to contemplate over his words for about twenty minutes before I go to bed. Really I shouldn't be spending time on this at all, as I am to travel to Lewis tomorrow morning. But I simply cannot help myself. 

He, let's call him Theo, said that he is against everything that goes under the title of gentleman. Instead of following in so many guys footsteps, he takes a different approach when meeting a woman. There's no buying her a drink before he knows her, no flattering and certainly no opening doors! 

If a guy buys you drink on your first meet he's either wanting to get into your pants or... he's English! 

The way to get a girls attention is to first get her attention by not being nice or flattering her. Then tease her until she's looses her mind and can't think of anything or anyone but you! A romantic jester should be spontanious and consist of a just that, a jester every now and then. 
    I hate to agree with Theo, but in this point I do. Girls don't wan't to be flattered (too much!) or a guy who constantly tells them (robotically) how beautiful they are. They want someone who tease and annoy the hell out of them! 

Sad! But true... 

With this said, I'm going to turn off the light, here on Queens Park and turn in...Goodnight  



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