Red Bull-girl

Today I am a published author! Okay, so it does sound a bit corny since it is only a university paper, but for the writer part of me, it is a big day. Can't believe I didn't celebrate with a Starbucks!
I think that I am dissapointing my friends, as I haven't visited neither Starbucks nor McDs in quite some time now. Don't worry boys and girls, I will be spending at least one more marathon at McD. just for old times sake. Of course Starbucks won't be left out. As I will be writing a column I will need all the caffeine I can get my hands on. Yesterday, before leaving Miami hotel to go to Coalition, Johan told me that perhaps I drink too much coffe, and Red Bull as well. Looking curiously at the can of Red Bull in my hand, I accepted but chose to ignore his statement. I know it's true, but it's soo good! 
Apparantley everyone remembers the stupidly uttered words (from me) that they would get to know me as the Red Bull-girl. How I regret not being able to stop words before they leave my lips.


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