Yes, yes, yes

He did it, he won and as I read news articles about the victory and Michael Moore's letters which I subscribe to, I'm really caught off guard. Shure I've been aware of the fact that Barack Obama is an African-American, but my main reason for wanting him to win was his politics and of course him being a democrate. It just hit me a during the day that America is for the first time in history "run" by a black man. Something I have always hoped for but never really thought would come to be.
The 5th of November is a historical day! Even though Obama should first and foremost have been elected for his politics, the fact that he has the same color of skin as slaves and a people, who have been and are still today, discriminated against. Well, this is a monomentous step in the history of the United States. 

Waking up this morning I switched on my computer and the first thing I looked up was who had won...

Yes, yes, yes!!! Barack Obama won! The democrats have the White House! Finally... 


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