Dawsons Creek

Currently sitting at the library at Uni and thinking about pulling an "all night" study session, in true university style, and suddenly 'Dawson's Creek' pops into my head. You know the episode where a bunch of Dawsons friends come together to study for a unexpected test, they end up staying up all night, and besides studying they play games and have frequent breaks...mix study with pleasure...
      Only the only thing pleasant about tonight is that hopefully I will pass the phonetics exam I idiotically enough didn't begin to study for until five hours ago. 
     There is however something exciting about knowing that I am at an university library that's open all night and with at least five (okay, so I'm optimistic) coffe-breaks, hopefully tonight won't be so bad.

I know that at around eleven o'clock I will be cursing myself and probably make tons of promises about starting to study for the next exam one month in advance (a promise that will be flushed down the toilet as soon as I step out of the exam room at Russell building).
For now, I am still somewhat awake and can be considered part of the living...in about six hours I will most certainly be able to consider myself a zombie. Not out of place as Halloween is coming with rapid steps...Perhaps quicker than I thought.

I'm not making any sense, I know, it's the lack of coffe in my system...
                          I'm gonna do something about that... see you on the other side ;)


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