fencing, the Badger and exploring Brighton

Studying at an University in Brighton has it's difficulties. So I am studying according to a Swedish module meaning it's theoretically the same as if I were in Sweden, however. No!
The English culture involves nights out at a pub just about every night of the week, something that we (the Swedes) took slightly too seriously. The first four weeks (okay, month) were spent at various pubs, drinking, getting to know each other and of course getting to know others. First time out, the club "arc" received the honor to host the majority of the Swedes as we visited the Indieclub, where just about everyone found someone "interesting" to "dance" with. We had a blast and the following week's was hectic, running from one pub to the other, I didn't even consider that I was here with a purpose:
      - to study!

Now I'm struggling to catch up while balancing fencing classes, the school newspaper (the Badger), finding time for my new found friends and exploring the city I live in.
    I'm sure I wouldn't be having this problem had I studied in Gavle or even in Gothenburg.

I mean...
                do they even have fencing classes there?!


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