Fingers crossed babe

Here are two fingers crossed for your exam sis. You know it'll go well, just as long as you get there :p Just kidding, hey give me a break, just been sitting studying all day long and with the prospect of tomorrow being a repeat I think you can endulge me.

On the subject of the mic. will do as soon as I can dig my head out of my Song of Solomon book that will keep me at the library all night tomorrow. Something to look forward to as I turn in tonight. Or rather morning...

Thnx for enjoying this blog, as I enjoy writing a "few" words now and then. Feel free to COMMENT! Lol. or not, just continue to read and leave the computer thinking how funny or what a crazy  girl, or whatever. Maybe that's optimistic? You probably leave thinking: how increadibly booring...wonder what she'll write tomorrow!

Don't care what you think, your opinions are your own, these are mine. Enjoy!


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