One of those days

There are things you look back at, wishing you had done them differently or that you had done something at all...Maybe that you had asked that girl on the street where she bought those gorgeus pair of boot's,perhaps that you had walked up to that cute boy in you class or, well, anything. Yesterday was one of those days. Not one that I regret but one where I did everything that came into my mind. 
Okay, so I didn't mean to trip and nearly crash half the Badger director's office, but I several other events lead to yesterday being a GOOD day. What happened? 
- The Starbucks guy bought me a ´double chocolat muffin´. 
- A old man in a wheelchair told me I was a really nice person (for lending him my cellphone) then preceeded to ask me to have coffe with him. An offer declined. 
- I asked bus inspectors what their jobdescription was. (haha) Would have regretted it, had I not. 

During these past few days, I have caught myself longing for two of my favorite holiday's: Halloween and Christmas! Now that I am finally in a country that celebrates Halloween the way I like it, I am going to really enjoy it.
A bunch of Christmas movies await. I suddenly had a strong urge to watch Home Alone with Macually Culkin. Anyone interested? 

Oh yeah, and I've found the most perfect wrap paper for my presents! ;)


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