Pink pj's

I'm sitting on my bed in my pink pj's, eating a jacket potato, a green salad and Uncle Ben's sweet and sour sauce, an appropriate ending to the unusual day/night I've had. It''s not every day you sit at the library until two thirty studying for a test. Well, at least not in my everyday life. This sort of thing only happens in movies...or, at least I thought so.

Tonight I sat at the library studying for the phonetics test on wednesday, or since it's officially tuesday, the test is tomorrow. Horror, the test is tomorrow... An expert of beginning to work and immediately finding something more interesting to occupy myself with, tomorrow will be a true test of character.

Will I be able to focus and pass the test of?
        A yes/no question - high rise, polite

the end

Postat av: Parisa

Men usch, det lät inte så kul! Hur gick tentan? Du var inte kvar i biblan så länge alldeles själv väl? :/ Lät läskigt!

Vill komma dit nu! säg när du har tid :)


2008-10-22 @ 18:51:26

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