Pulling a Seinfeld

One day later, the same location - another computer and a few events into the future, here I sit wondering what I'm going to write. Does it really matter? I could just write about nothing, as some do. Just yammer on and on - like Seinfeld.

Or maybe about my day, perhaps I do that alot and I hate to bore you with insignificant details. Like, that I had two classes in between which I ate a lunch consisting of homemade food for the first time since arriving. Then read a few pages out of Song of Solomon before attending the football game at the sportscenter. But as I said, I would hate to bore you to death with details. For example that I wore the grey dress/jumper my parents send to me, together with my striped stockings. My red jacket I don't even think I would have to mention as that's a constant factor of my outfits. 

Possibly I should follow the direction of so many famous "bloggers" and write about my latest favorite outfit I saw at a store downtown...besides the fact that the last thing I bought was a grey, again, dress/jumper, that I like but not particularly fond of. Then again I could tell you about the gorgeus purple hat I bought at United Colors of Bennetton, but why should you be interested in that? Makes no sense. I wear the hat and it's of absolutely no interest for you since you're not in my closest proximity and wouldn't be able to borrow it. Not that I would lend it to you. 

I could talk about my latest Starbucks visit but since those are weekly regulars in my daily life here in Brighton it isn't half interesting for you to know. The chances are that during one of your (you who know me) phonecalls I've been at Starbucks. Do hang out there too much, I am told.

No none of these subjects hold greater interest to me at the moment, so I'm just going to move on and check my facebook and then head home to read the book "Song of Solomon".

Sorry that I have bored you with this blog about absolutely nothing. My grievest appologies.

Postat av: Parisa

Hihi, har jag sagt att du är GRYM??!! :) peppar peppar, ta i trä.. och hela fadderullan.

Skicka bilder, en massa bilder! Och så fixa MIKROFON!!! för jag måste prata med dig :) Ringde min gamla lågstadielärare idag, från uddevalla. Hon var lika underbar som jag mindes henne! Vi ska ses nästa gång jag åker till Uddevalla, och så ska hon skicka brev :) glaaad

Håll tummarna för mig för min dumma jurdiktenta imorgon mellan kl.14-19 :p

Love you! puss

2008-10-28 @ 23:08:45

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