So...I'm the school again

So, I'm back at school again. The essay is finished and is currently under being carefully scrutinized by a boy in my english class. Trying to decide whether or not it is acceptable to hand in to Anita. When you study rhetoric as he does and I have, being able to handle critic with a calm and together manner is crucial. Otherwise, you'll end up standing in the middle of you class, bursting into heavy Scarlett O'Hara tears before beginning to shout incomplete sentences. Screaming that nobody understands you and that they can all go to hell. 
      As it turns out I got a great deal of positive critic from the first set of objective eyes. Now it's John's turn to pic my essay apart. The response arrived. And good news, it's a girl! :D

My night spent at the library wasn't in vein. 

If you'll excuse me I'll have to pat myself on the back! Thank you very much! 


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