to send or not to send

Okay, sis. So here's the deal, I haven't bought the mic yet. I know, I know I work slow. But in all do respect my diet isn't exactly the kind that improves your memory, and mine was already selective before coming here. As you know I have been living on a strict diet involving McD. and Burger King. Even had breakfast there this morning after the rough night I had. Must say that I did at one point close my eyes and end up banging my head against the window. The guy sitting next to me who woke me up looked somewhat terrified.

The point is... you can send a mic! Please

Postat av: Parisa

Hej gumman!

Hahahahaha, du är mycket mycket konstig! :-p jag läste dock det här inlägget liite sent, men nu hoppas vi att minisyster tvingar dig att köpa den där jäkla mikrofonen!! jag betalar så sluta skylla på dina dåliga matvanor osv.

Love you! ha så kul! puss puss

2008-11-01 @ 18:24:42

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