Man must Dance

Fencing today exceded my expectations. Coming to the class none of the girls, that would be me, Jo, Catherine, Maria and Lydia where really on the top of our game. It had been a long, long day.

I found out that, not only do we have to write a essay on "Educating Rita" but the three hundred long 'Song of Solomon' is due, not next monday but the following. With my little sister visiting, it is an understatement to say I was stressed. 

Catherine had had a bad day and wanted to leave class during the morning after contiously bumping into things, only Maria could talk her into enduring. 
And Lydia... Lydia went home after class and took a nap! 
However, once there, each with a sword in our right hands and the proper fencing clothes on, we began to fence. I must admit that the song Sandra let me listen to on her Ipod really did the trick, cause as I was fencing against Graham, I began to feel like Robin Hood. The song: Man must Dance, do have a cling of truth to it doesn't it? Dancing back and forwards across the white lines, I eventually won my first mock-fencing match. With that, a bad day turned good. Sure I wasn't trying to save the virgin Marion out of the hands of evil king John. But, come on...where am I gonna find a king?!

Tomorrow an excursion to Chichester awaits, and although no risk of playing Robin Hood there - unless we find a sword :) -  I look forward to it with high expectations, and, hopefully a coffee. 



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