Breakfast at Starbucks

Waking up late this morning led to a lot of clothes being tossed around in the search of the perfect "outfit" for the day's class. Half an hour later I was on my way towards Starbucks to buy the day's first cup of coffe, also known as my breakfast.
How did I go from being Miss Healthy to the girl famous for eating at Burger King, McDonald's and every other junkfood chain known to man??! The staff at the various "restaurants" now recognize me and after only three week's shout,
 -"see you", after me as I leave. This is ridiculous!!!
Currently half my class have occupied the university's library, in search of a comfortable place where they can study in preparation for the Phonetics exam. Which is on Friday!!! Horror. I haven't done ANYTHING. Not exaggerating. 
    Today/night will be spent at Starbucks, with a chai latte (possibly) and the phonetics book. 

And what am i having for dinner you might ask.
   Well, probably McDonald's!


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