All part of growing up

Having had the worst night here so far, does not leave me longing to go to sleep. What happened? Woke up twice (don't mean to be gross) and threw up. Something that is never pleasant, but even less so when in strangers house and no one to comfort you when your done. Guess it's part of the whole prosess of growing up. Learning to comfort yourself and not rely  on your parents. Even if I have endulged my self in a couple of calls to the folks, asking them what I should eat. It's moments like these when you learn to appreciate having two grownups hovering over you, asking you how you are. 

After having slept the day away and woke up at five, only to go to sleep again. I finally dragged myself out to the city with a classmate, where, after having thrown up in an alley (I know, how glamorous), I purchased HEALTHY food.
The number one topic at school is what we're gonna eat and even if many have made canned food part of their everyday life, it somehow wasn't what I needed today :p Odd! Right?! 
My dad who is constantly looking up good restaurants in the neighborhood, found a fish and chips place that will serve tomorrows dinner. Cod and chips. Yummy!


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