What Men really Think

I have realised, after for the first time in my life hanging out with guys, what boys/men (or call them what you like) think about. Or rather, how they think. I would hate to generalise men, but for the sake of not having to write a novel here I'll simply have to.
First off: "There is no bullshit. Men do and say what's on there mind". So when Jack Burger in Sex and the City say's, "he's just not that into you". It isn't just a greatly humorous line, but a actual fact. What can this teach us? Well, no point in trying to analyze the true meaning behind what he told you on the phone, or the words he texted you.  
A second "fact", that my time here in Brighton has taught me is that there are three types of men. Roughly speaking of course.

The smooth guy: This guy knows how to charm his way through a crowd and right into everyones heart. He can entertain the crowd all night with his stories and manages to make every single girl and boy feel special. Flirt much?! Even though this guy "could" flirt your pants off, he's actually a nice guy. Believe it or not.  

The gentleman - boy: This is the cutest guy in his circle of friends. He opens the door, allows you to walk in first and even carries your bag when your out. Not if it's a small pink handbag though, even he has his limits.
This guy has a James Bond air over him, mixed with dash of Mr. Darcy. He drinks, flirts and personafies Mr. sociable! He and the smooth guy get along great.

The friendly guy: There is of course one guy who is the other guy's friend. What other guy? Well, anyone, to be frank. He is good at sports, good at work and fun to hang out with. This is the guy who want's to buy you a Starbucks because you where sick and he thinks you should indulge yourself. Could you have a better friend??!

These are the characters I've run into so far. 
I so do look forward to the rest...   


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