Sussex University

Today I experienced my first exam in a foreign country, and even though I had studied as little as one possible can/or perhaps should, at university level, I actually enjoyed it.
    After this special occasion, half the class headed towards the union shop to buy an overlarge comfy sweater, declaring that we attend Sussex University. Got one in a gorgeus navy blue! So now I really feel like a student at the Uni. Or will the first time I wear it.

After this exhabition (which is what it really was, I mean people where looking, pointing and laughing at us) we headed to an Indian meat buffé where two guys preceeded in eating them selves half to death. I can swear the waiters where thinking:
"Okay, I know it's a cheap buffé, all you can eat. But, come on...Are they NEVER gonna leave".
     Two of the guy's looked like they where gonna faint after their fourth portion!!! I myself had one and a half.
The contrast is interesting. Each time Eric (one of the guys) returned with a refill, it was literarlly filled to max. Enough for ten Sara-meals :p

It did feel good to eat real food after having lived on hamburgers and food out of a can for the past three week's. 
Tonight there's a pow wow at the Miami, also known as Swedish central, possible followed by a night at a local pub. 
For a change...


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