The package

The package with the clothes i've been waiting for, is at last sitting in my room on Queens Park. Although it's only a few pieces of clothing I couldn't have got happier to see the welcome addition to my small wardrobe. Not five minutes after stepping into the house did I rip the package apart and put on the warm sweater -dress from H&M. Feeling it would be appropriate for yet another all day and possible evening study session at the university library, trying to pound information into my head. Allophones, diphthongs, H-dropping...the list goes on and on.

Thought I'd manage to write a couple of words while waiting for Britta to arrive so that we can devour a burger before getting down to business.

Postat av: Parisa

Haha, vad gullig du är! Snart kommer vi med ännu mera grejor! Säg till ifall det är något akut som vi ska skicka :)

Förresten! SKICKA SMS människa! Har ju försökt få kontakt med dig jättelänge. Har inte råd att ringa.


2008-10-22 @ 18:50:10

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