The three types of guys from two nights ago was inspired by Sebastian P. Brodin who wrote about the different type of guys and their methods on picking up girls.

What Men really Think

I have realised, after for the first time in my life hanging out with guys, what boys/men (or call them what you like) think about. Or rather, how they think. I would hate to generalise men, but for the sake of not having to write a novel here I'll simply have to.
First off: "There is no bullshit. Men do and say what's on there mind". So when Jack Burger in Sex and the City say's, "he's just not that into you". It isn't just a greatly humorous line, but a actual fact. What can this teach us? Well, no point in trying to analyze the true meaning behind what he told you on the phone, or the words he texted you.  
A second "fact", that my time here in Brighton has taught me is that there are three types of men. Roughly speaking of course.

The smooth guy: This guy knows how to charm his way through a crowd and right into everyones heart. He can entertain the crowd all night with his stories and manages to make every single girl and boy feel special. Flirt much?! Even though this guy "could" flirt your pants off, he's actually a nice guy. Believe it or not.  

The gentleman - boy: This is the cutest guy in his circle of friends. He opens the door, allows you to walk in first and even carries your bag when your out. Not if it's a small pink handbag though, even he has his limits.
This guy has a James Bond air over him, mixed with dash of Mr. Darcy. He drinks, flirts and personafies Mr. sociable! He and the smooth guy get along great.

The friendly guy: There is of course one guy who is the other guy's friend. What other guy? Well, anyone, to be frank. He is good at sports, good at work and fun to hang out with. This is the guy who want's to buy you a Starbucks because you where sick and he thinks you should indulge yourself. Could you have a better friend??!

These are the characters I've run into so far. 
I so do look forward to the rest...   

Sussex University

Today I experienced my first exam in a foreign country, and even though I had studied as little as one possible can/or perhaps should, at university level, I actually enjoyed it.
    After this special occasion, half the class headed towards the union shop to buy an overlarge comfy sweater, declaring that we attend Sussex University. Got one in a gorgeus navy blue! So now I really feel like a student at the Uni. Or will the first time I wear it.

After this exhabition (which is what it really was, I mean people where looking, pointing and laughing at us) we headed to an Indian meat buffé where two guys preceeded in eating them selves half to death. I can swear the waiters where thinking:
"Okay, I know it's a cheap buffé, all you can eat. But, come on...Are they NEVER gonna leave".
     Two of the guy's looked like they where gonna faint after their fourth portion!!! I myself had one and a half.
The contrast is interesting. Each time Eric (one of the guys) returned with a refill, it was literarlly filled to max. Enough for ten Sara-meals :p

It did feel good to eat real food after having lived on hamburgers and food out of a can for the past three week's. 
Tonight there's a pow wow at the Miami, also known as Swedish central, possible followed by a night at a local pub. 
For a change...

All part of growing up

Having had the worst night here so far, does not leave me longing to go to sleep. What happened? Woke up twice (don't mean to be gross) and threw up. Something that is never pleasant, but even less so when in strangers house and no one to comfort you when your done. Guess it's part of the whole prosess of growing up. Learning to comfort yourself and not rely  on your parents. Even if I have endulged my self in a couple of calls to the folks, asking them what I should eat. It's moments like these when you learn to appreciate having two grownups hovering over you, asking you how you are. 

After having slept the day away and woke up at five, only to go to sleep again. I finally dragged myself out to the city with a classmate, where, after having thrown up in an alley (I know, how glamorous), I purchased HEALTHY food.
The number one topic at school is what we're gonna eat and even if many have made canned food part of their everyday life, it somehow wasn't what I needed today :p Odd! Right?! 
My dad who is constantly looking up good restaurants in the neighborhood, found a fish and chips place that will serve tomorrows dinner. Cod and chips. Yummy!

Breakfast at Starbucks

Waking up late this morning led to a lot of clothes being tossed around in the search of the perfect "outfit" for the day's class. Half an hour later I was on my way towards Starbucks to buy the day's first cup of coffe, also known as my breakfast.
How did I go from being Miss Healthy to the girl famous for eating at Burger King, McDonald's and every other junkfood chain known to man??! The staff at the various "restaurants" now recognize me and after only three week's shout,
 -"see you", after me as I leave. This is ridiculous!!!
Currently half my class have occupied the university's library, in search of a comfortable place where they can study in preparation for the Phonetics exam. Which is on Friday!!! Horror. I haven't done ANYTHING. Not exaggerating. 
    Today/night will be spent at Starbucks, with a chai latte (possibly) and the phonetics book. 

And what am i having for dinner you might ask.
   Well, probably McDonald's!

First impression

So after three weeks I am finally somewhat comfortable in the city known to the world as Brighton. 

On a first glance the experience was slightly dramatic. After having spent a mere three hours in my room at the Miami Hotel, I longed to go home and began looking at pictures of my two sisters, my parents and of the city I call home.  

How comfortable it would have been to be able to walk around a city and to know just about exactly where to go and what to do. Have a Coffe Mocha at George and maybe take a walk towards the College of Gavle, sit on the benches outside the library and read "God's little acre". After a few hours maybe begin to walk towards Satra and stop at Rosita's house to chat about the latest news in our lives.
    Instead, here I was in a new city walking around the streets all alone, with a heavy bag on my shoulder and nobody to call on or speak to. 
Tears began to fall down my cheeks. What the hell was I doing here? I've been wanting to come abroad to study since I was seven years old, I thought I would be jumping with joy. I had never felt more alone. 
The past three week's I have moved twice. From the Miami Hotel to Maldon, where I lived for two week's, and then to Sacksville. A house I will be leaving tomorrow for yet another host family on Holland, whom I'll be leaving nine days later.

Now, finally, I've begun to see it for what it is. An adventure. 
 Moving from one place to the other, living out of a suitcase and meeting alot of increadible people. Personalities I've only seen on the tele back home.
     And the class, a class consisting of only Swedes naturally leads to the students speaking a great deal of Swedish. Every now and then we do a 180 degree spin and spontaneously begin to speak english.   

Pubbing and clubbing and a whole lot of Starbucks sums up my three week's in Brighton, surprisingly well. For you who didn't feel like reading the whole "boring" sob story above :p
 from Brighton    

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