The perfectionist

I just recently arrived as the new event manager at the College of Gävle. Well, actually it was a couple of months ago but as I haven't even had the time to clean my office I'll go with "recently arrived". The level of stress has been ridicoulusly high and the muscles in my body are screaming for a massage. Soon. For now I'm putting together a party schedual for the remaining few weeks before the terms is over. The pressure is on but then for a self-proclamed perfectionist it always is!

From fit to fat...

My time in Brighton has really left it's mark.  To my parents dread, I returned to Gävle with a large suitcase of clothes that hadn't been washed in a long time (no need mentioning how long). Accompanied with stories, that I now wish I hadn't shared, about what counted as "proper food on the island I lived on for three months. When I told them of my microwaved potato and mayo lunch and dinner they gasped in horror. 
    I don't get it!! It's FOOD! And for most of my classmates, as long as it's eatible and contains carbs. it counts!
So Pringles chips were not only a snack but sometimes a large part of my dinner, lunch or maybe breakfast. But not to worry, my usual breakfast was a black Americano served by the not-so-friendly female-caféteria-staff, and a chocolate cake.

Breakfast routines:

The first weeks I lived with a family which meant that breakfast came with the package, along with the occasional dinner. My second family didn't have the best breakfast, so on my third week in Brighton, I began my day with an Americano and a choco-cake. You know what is said for the next one. Third-times the charmed. Well, something like that. I was allowed to eat whatever I wanted, but it is a strange situation to live at a family's house...Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on white bread and cerials is what was served. This was actually tasty but since I had a bad habit of oversleeping or perhaps it was the fear of arriving late that had me jump out of bed, get ready and head off for school. This had it's perks, cause I would pass Starbucks on my way to the bus stop ;) And you know what that means. So maybe the third time was charmed?!
     After this I moved to my fourth and last room which was at Queens Park, and there breakfast was on me...Which of course meant, Americano and cake. 

     What can I say, I'm a very lazy person.
Anyways...back home, with some help from mom I'm back to somewhat healthy habits, with rice-pudding and crisp-bread for breakfast.

However, I think the healthy habits might be opposed by the amounts of gingerbread cookies I consume everynight...

I just might be moving from fit to fat...

Music is my hot sex

I read an interesting article in the British issue of Cosmopolitan last night regarding what women prefer. For a change :p The preference was between shopping and sex. Now, I've given this some thought and I think it's a dead end question. You can't ask a girl to choose between shopping and sex! It completely depends on what mood she's on. Because no matter how much one enjoys sex, sometimes a girl simply needs a pair of new shoes, or a dress or a handbag... Well, you get the picture.
I know that a day of shopping followed by an hours hot bubble bath while reading Cosmo and listening to Pavarotti, surrounded by candles, is a dream scenario. Of course I don't need to mention that there will be a few strawberries and a piece of dark chocolate next to the tub! Anyways, this scenario would be followed by a couple of hours of drinking drinks and getting ready before heading out with a few girlfriends. Heaven, for me!
Better than sex??! You decide! But here's the answer: YES!!!

Change of scenery

After a day of packing, a night of running around the city of Brighton saying goodbye to all the guys, and a last visit to the Miami hotel where I annoyed the guys on the top floor for the last time I returned back home. To Sweden this time, and strangely enough it doesn't feel all that bad. No post-France depression and with any luck, there won't be one either. 
Even though we have been speaking swedish throughout the three months, it feels odd to hear others speak the language. I spent the morning speaking english to the nurse during my hospital visit. Iit's corny, I know but what the hell, I have to use by british accent, right??!

Yesterday I landed in Stockholm and after my doctors visit early this morning I spent most parts of the day in bed. Sleeping that is!!! The cough is still bugging the crap out of me and forces out strange noises when an attack hits when I'm trying to speak. And for someone who LOVES to blabber it's a hardship.

Thank god for texts!

The roles we play

The roles that women and men have and that some of us choose to play along with are not of the twentyfirst century. It is the mans role to ask the woman out for a date, during which he shall behave like the perfect gentleman. Starting from picking her up from her house (where she has been sitting on her hands for an hour, waiting, anxiously), opening the door car door and later on the door to the chosen restaurant and pulling out her chair.
Wrong! If you are to believe my source (lol). Well, this is only one mans view of course, but it is quite interesting. Being for ever fascinated with how the male mind works, I'm choosing to contemplate over his words for about twenty minutes before I go to bed. Really I shouldn't be spending time on this at all, as I am to travel to Lewis tomorrow morning. But I simply cannot help myself. 

He, let's call him Theo, said that he is against everything that goes under the title of gentleman. Instead of following in so many guys footsteps, he takes a different approach when meeting a woman. There's no buying her a drink before he knows her, no flattering and certainly no opening doors! 

If a guy buys you drink on your first meet he's either wanting to get into your pants or... he's English! 

The way to get a girls attention is to first get her attention by not being nice or flattering her. Then tease her until she's looses her mind and can't think of anything or anyone but you! A romantic jester should be spontanious and consist of a just that, a jester every now and then. 
    I hate to agree with Theo, but in this point I do. Girls don't wan't to be flattered (too much!) or a guy who constantly tells them (robotically) how beautiful they are. They want someone who tease and annoy the hell out of them! 

Sad! But true... 

With this said, I'm going to turn off the light, here on Queens Park and turn in...Goodnight  


Womans purpose in life

A womans purpose is to be a mother and have children! Isn't it?
For a "woman" (okay so I feel slightly wierd referring to myself as a woman) who has never thought about having children further than to the extent of how extreemly painful it will be, this statement sounds ridiculous. Nat was being sarcastic when uttering these words, but just to think that some actually feel that way makes me laugh. As if women have nothing better to do than give birth. Only men, who have absolutely no possibility of experiencing this event first hand, could say something like that. I know that the pain should be the last thing on once mind when thinking about having a child, but I simply can't help myself. Even if you forget about the pain (not an easy thing to do), the statement above would mean that as soon as a woman is fysically ready she should go ahead and squeeze out a baby. Would I have wanted children I couldn't imagine doing it before the age of 30. At the very least.
    When a guy recently told me that he want's to be a father when he's 23 I couldn't believe it. To me that's is unthinkable, to in three years have a child and a family to think about. I can't even stretch enough to think about what I'll be doing in four months, let alone three years. But then again, I am quite selfish. Or so I've been told...  

Red Bull-girl

Today I am a published author! Okay, so it does sound a bit corny since it is only a university paper, but for the writer part of me, it is a big day. Can't believe I didn't celebrate with a Starbucks!
I think that I am dissapointing my friends, as I haven't visited neither Starbucks nor McDs in quite some time now. Don't worry boys and girls, I will be spending at least one more marathon at McD. just for old times sake. Of course Starbucks won't be left out. As I will be writing a column I will need all the caffeine I can get my hands on. Yesterday, before leaving Miami hotel to go to Coalition, Johan told me that perhaps I drink too much coffe, and Red Bull as well. Looking curiously at the can of Red Bull in my hand, I accepted but chose to ignore his statement. I know it's true, but it's soo good! 
Apparantley everyone remembers the stupidly uttered words (from me) that they would get to know me as the Red Bull-girl. How I regret not being able to stop words before they leave my lips.

And then there were two

Yesterday I got an email that nearly stopped my heart! I was asked to write another column for the college newspaper back home, and even though it isn't a HUGE event, for me it's somewhat big. So this means that either they are desperate, or they read what I wrote and actually liked it. They liked it! So yet another column is know in the progress and the smile on my face couldn't be wider :) Despite the stress the last one had me under, I look forward to the next piece which will be completed before I board the Sas plane and head home.

But one step at a time, right now I'm heading for the city where I'm hoping to pick up my uggs and then go to a Starbucks and endulge myself in a hour of drawing. Tonight I will hopefully be cooking and then (finally) eating a homecooked meal with Freddy. 

By the way: John has promised to cook for me! 

Have I told you how much I LOVE my friends?  

Booring 411

The day flew away today, and I have no idea what happened to it. We were going to watch John's basketball game and then come home and cook a dinner while sipping on a glass of wine.
I don't even have to mention that there would be substantial amount of girl talk! Yes, I know I'm only feeding the cliché that girls gossip and tell each other everything, but to be honest...I don't care! Sometimes you NEED to gossip with a girl friend. And most importantly I'm a very curious person and want to know.
But don't let there be a misconception here. Girltalk does not automatically meen girl to girl. I've had girl talk to guys and it's an experience on it's own, and you should really set a date with your girl-guy friend for a "girls" night out. I've learned alot of things that were previously unknown to me.
    Moving on, the game took a while and when we stepped out of the high school it was dark out and the cold was cutting through our insufficient clothes. A few items were purchased at sommerfields and Sainbury's before heading home. The dinner was however posponed and after ALOT of texting we ended up at Brighton pier. A walk through the arcade later we followed the promenade to Buddies. This very expensive restaurant offered us a perfectly acceptable Devils cake, which we consumed while texting our respective...hrm...interests. A couple of hours later I felt like dancing so we headed home and I quickly changed before once again heading out in the freezing temperature. I stood in the queue for Arc and reached the door before I decided to not pay £5. I'll wait until wednesday when a visit to Oceana is on the calender. it came finally. The detailed 411 of my day. To anyone who suffered through the booring text. I apologize. I'll do better tomorrow!

Drinks and massage!

Going out always seems like a good idea. I like chatting with people, love dancing and appreciate a good excuse to have  a Red Bull without being told how bad it is for me. The plan for Pierres birthday was to meet at Miami at eight where we would sit and have a few drinks before moving on to Coalition. As usuall hours were spent at the hotel, and once we got out I was in the worst mood you could ever be in. Never felt less like going out, and at the same time in the most need to do so. I needed people around me, and as there isn't anyone in my room ( hmm) I decided to accompany the gang, of Freddy, John, Pierre, Hank and Theo to the club.

Anyways, considering the bad mood I was in, I didn' t think anything or anyone was going to be able to make me smile or be able to enjoy the night. So thnx for listening ;)

Tonight was spent at a fancy restaurant/bar with few of the miami girls where we had a couple of drinks each and chatted about nothing :) Always fun. No dancing but that'll come tomorrow!!! Hopefully no sad faces...

How does this sound? Cleaning and cooking in the morning followed by a day of shopping. And a nice relaxing massage before going out. See if the last can be arranged...

Win win situation

Tonight will be a gift to my host who as mentioned earlier thinks that I go out way too much and has no idea how I manage to get out of bed in the mornings. Well... I don't!
This morning I over slept! Again. And to be honest it is becoming somewhat tiresome. Yeah, tiresome of sleeping. Odd but true.
Despite missing school today I feel that I deserve a night out. In my world that is how it works.
You do something good you deserve a gift of some sort. If you do something wrong you get a little prize, and there are no bad prizes. Coffe at Starbucks is a reacurring one! As just about everyone who knows me knows, I do love my coffe...

Toffe Nut Latte! Yummy!  

Confusion vs relationships

Conveniently enough, I'm watching an episode of Sex and the City that handles the topic of playing games.  What kind of games are you supposed to play with an potential flirt or an interest? Or are games the what comes after the inital interest is clear?
I've never been good at playing games, as I'm rather of naive and have never been able to understand "the rules". Rules like for example what you are and are not allowed to do. So far all I've got from chat's with friends and experience is very confused.  

A few words...

Really, really want to come up with something clever to write, but my mind is a complete blank. I mean, grammar i killing me softly. Although I knew it would, you see, grammar .... well, SUCKS!!! Moving on...I find bloggers who write step by step about their day increadibly booring so I really don't want to do that. Write every single little insignificant detail about my life...Could I be more dull? No, that's nothing for me...

Ha! Look I did manage to write a few words into clauses and finally form sentences.  

Yes, yes, yes

He did it, he won and as I read news articles about the victory and Michael Moore's letters which I subscribe to, I'm really caught off guard. Shure I've been aware of the fact that Barack Obama is an African-American, but my main reason for wanting him to win was his politics and of course him being a democrate. It just hit me a during the day that America is for the first time in history "run" by a black man. Something I have always hoped for but never really thought would come to be.
The 5th of November is a historical day! Even though Obama should first and foremost have been elected for his politics, the fact that he has the same color of skin as slaves and a people, who have been and are still today, discriminated against. Well, this is a monomentous step in the history of the United States. 

Waking up this morning I switched on my computer and the first thing I looked up was who had won...

Yes, yes, yes!!! Barack Obama won! The democrats have the White House! Finally... 

The election

Tonight is the night! I believe that chances are that if the right man doesn't win I will cry. Party from sadness.  Sadness for the destructive path that the United States are taking the world along. Another reason for my tears will be for the people who will be affected by this; Americans, people of the Middle-East and the world. It is true what my teacher said in class today, that this election is the most important election in a long time. 

Tonight I won't possibly be able to fall asleep without finding out who wins. Obama or McCain.

My vote is on ... 

All Hallows Eve

And so the sought after holiday has finally arrived. Halloween is here and for the first time ever I do not have a pumpkin waiting to be carved or a horror movie waiting for me. However, the fun of life is to try new things, right? So instead of inviting a few friends home tonight I'll be going out. Hopefully in som sort of an appropriate costume, but since I'm still sitting at the school working on a column (how great that feels to say) and an article, it doesn't seem like I'll be able to do much. 

I know that there will be a James Bond at Miami (uk) and one guy in a mustach.

Well, the time has come for me to go. Happy Halloween!

to send or not to send

Okay, sis. So here's the deal, I haven't bought the mic yet. I know, I know I work slow. But in all do respect my diet isn't exactly the kind that improves your memory, and mine was already selective before coming here. As you know I have been living on a strict diet involving McD. and Burger King. Even had breakfast there this morning after the rough night I had. Must say that I did at one point close my eyes and end up banging my head against the window. The guy sitting next to me who woke me up looked somewhat terrified.

The point is... you can send a mic! Please

So...I'm the school again

So, I'm back at school again. The essay is finished and is currently under being carefully scrutinized by a boy in my english class. Trying to decide whether or not it is acceptable to hand in to Anita. When you study rhetoric as he does and I have, being able to handle critic with a calm and together manner is crucial. Otherwise, you'll end up standing in the middle of you class, bursting into heavy Scarlett O'Hara tears before beginning to shout incomplete sentences. Screaming that nobody understands you and that they can all go to hell. 
      As it turns out I got a great deal of positive critic from the first set of objective eyes. Now it's John's turn to pic my essay apart. The response arrived. And good news, it's a girl! :D

My night spent at the library wasn't in vein. 

If you'll excuse me I'll have to pat myself on the back! Thank you very much! 

The all-nighter

Goodnight, or well, goodmorning. The deprivation of sleep has me bit dizzy... Tonight was the night!

The night I pulled a literal all nighter and spent the entire day and night at the library, with a good portion of my time spent in the cafe downstairs. The panic I felt yesterday about the essay on the book Song of Solomon is now instead replaced with exhaustion.
    Proud is the other emotion :D I did it! Yey.

Now I will head home, take off my contacts and get a few hours sleep before returning to hand them in.


Fingers crossed babe

Here are two fingers crossed for your exam sis. You know it'll go well, just as long as you get there :p Just kidding, hey give me a break, just been sitting studying all day long and with the prospect of tomorrow being a repeat I think you can endulge me.

On the subject of the mic. will do as soon as I can dig my head out of my Song of Solomon book that will keep me at the library all night tomorrow. Something to look forward to as I turn in tonight. Or rather morning...

Thnx for enjoying this blog, as I enjoy writing a "few" words now and then. Feel free to COMMENT! Lol. or not, just continue to read and leave the computer thinking how funny or what a crazy  girl, or whatever. Maybe that's optimistic? You probably leave thinking: how increadibly booring...wonder what she'll write tomorrow!

Don't care what you think, your opinions are your own, these are mine. Enjoy!

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