Inspired by Anne with an E

I'm watching or rather re-watching a series that my sister introduced to me this summer. Anne with an E. A lovely story, based on the Montgomery's children's book; Anne of Green Gables. The story is about a little orphan girl, who is adopted by a sister and brother in a small farming community. Anne is strong and well-spoken girl and despite her young age she has a habit of standing up for the rights of those around her. Regardless of how badly they treat her at times. With a strong sense of justice, an innate kindness and the courage to speak her mind, she comes to open up and broaden the minds of her classmates and that of their parents. 
In 2016, the world changed following the elections in the US. The difference a day makes huh?!
First, I cried my eyes out. Because I thought that it was finally time. Time for a woman to take place in the White House. Another step forward. But, instead it didn't take long before I stopped reading the news. Suddenly they seemed to speak of a world transported back to the 1800's. Fake news this and fake news that, and all this constant bullshit being put out on Twitter. 
After rejoicing over the fact that countries had finally (!) realized that yes, people, all people, regardless of sex, should be allowed to marry whoever they want. And that countries, who for some reason still had limitations on a woman's right to decide over her own body - something that should be as self-evident as breathing - finally changed their insane legislations. The United states of all places, the self-proclaimed land of the free, began turning the clock back on development and limiting the rights of women. All under the leadership of a person who no parent would want their child to be exposed to and someone who truly deserves a permanent place in the corner of the classroom. A corner that if the world was lucky had poor wifi-connection because oh my god, the Twitter... 
Tonight, it's time once more. Election time and I am ever so curious to see what the people of the country across the Atlantic will do. Unlike four years ago, I won't go to bed expecting to wake up to a bright morning, when a strong and capable woman has been chosen to a seat of power. Someday I hope I will. But, for now, in the spirit of Anne with an E, I hope to at least wake up to a bright morning when I can read the news again without wanting to jump out the window. That the majority, in the states holding the most electoral votes, will have put their foot down, and decided that it is not okay to bully and degrade others. That it is not okay for anyone, not the least, the leader of a country to constantly treat people in a manner that would not even be acceptable by a kindergarten teacher. 
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