Saturday in pictures

It started about six months ago. The search for the perfect weekend when everyone was in the country and with no set plans. 

This year marks the ten year anniversary of our high school graduation and I decided that we simply had to celebrate ten years passing since that sunny day in 2007 when we all wore white and at least in theory left school behind. After having spent a couple of month’s going back and forth with the girls checking dates we found a day that suited everyones schedule; this Saturday.

Needless to say there was an event created on Facebook and of course one of the girls has strongly decided against the social media platform - you know cause otherwise it might be too easy trying to arrange a meet up for four women living in different cities, with different job and vacation schedules! 

Anyways, I always like a good challenge so I spent the evenings giving them updates through Facebook, snapchat, messenger and phone calls. I decided to go ahead and plan the day myself and simply send them a schedule that they could veto. Thankfully they did not and to be honest after having put quite a few hours into the project there is a chance I would have pushed someone overboard if I had heard a veto.

This Saturday the girls dropped into my apartment and once they were all here we took a stroll to the park where we found a spot by the water.

There we had a lovely picknick lunch which we enjoyed together with some bubbly as we took turns sharing stories of our lives post-high school. Though we all know each other it was fun to hear what everyone thought of their lives ten years after graduation. 

When we had had enough of the blistering sun (it was seriously so hot) we headed back home for some down time before dinner. 

On the way back we found a place to snap some pictures with our high school graduation outfits. 

Back at my apartment we took a moment to rehydrate, update Instagram-feeds and a touch up before leaving for the bus. 

My plan was to take the ferry out to Fjäderholmarna (one of Stockholms many fabulous islands) for a dinner at the restaurant Rökeriet. We arrived early with a whole hour to go before our dinner reservation and decided to go for a walk and ended up finding a cute little getaway perfect for a pre-dinner drink. We ordered some strawberry mojitos and ten minutes later our drinks were still not in our hands. Tired of waiting Audrey got up and went to see what was taking them so long. Now I wasn’t there but knowing her I am pretty sure she stood and harassed the bartender until he finished mixing them up.

Two of the girls ordered wine and got a jump start while we waited for our drinks. 
Fifteen minutes before we had to leave they were ready and somehow we managed to drink and make it to the restaurant Rökeriet just in time for our dinner reservation. With a gorgeous view of the water we enjoyed seafood and a glass of wine that was - just perfect. 
Meeting the girls was just ridiculously fun and we left all pumped for the next reunion.
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Monday inspiration

“I’m tough, I’m ambitious, and I know exactly what I want. If that makes me a bitch, okay.”
                                             – Madonna
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With the world at her fingertips

Though she produces content for a number publications I know her as the author of just about all of my favorite articles on the blog ’Tracy’s New York City Life’.  Lauren has spent the past six years falling in love with the City that acts as the playground for the fabulous Carrie Bradshaw and is often written with a capital C. 

Cheeky, global citizen who has a way with words. Besides being a writer and blogger in New York City (not that I am jealous or anything!) Lauren aka Mala is a truly talented writer. Okay, so perhaps I am a little bit jealous. On a random off the topic side note, her favorite date was with a fireman at an Irish pub (Irish Pub Baker Street). Not that I have the slightest idea where this pub is located, but hey, it was with a fireman so I can’t really say that I care. On top of all this, she lives a block from this hamburger joint called Shake Shack… So I think that a healthy dose of jealousy is completely justified. 

Having said this, of course I sent her an email saying how much I loved her work, then I hit her up on DM on Instagram - because as Gary Vee puts it ”It’s going down on the DM!” - and I got to know the Hawaiian girl who once used to call London home before moving to New York. 


What is your single favorite thing about living in New York City? 

— The diversity. Although "this is America" I love how there's people from several different countries, who speak several different languages, walking along the sidewalks of NYC at any given moment. Being from a multi-cultural background (Tongan/Chinese, and born in Hawaii), I've always loved meeting people from around the world and learning from them. When you live in such a culturally diverse environment, it feels like you have the whole world at your fingertips. 


 How many publications do you write for exactly?

— It varies, but my main "day job" is as a writer and the national marketing director for Grace Ormonde Wedding Style magazine. Since it's a print publication sold worldwide, it takes up a lot of my time now. Along with that, I have about three or four regular blogs and brands that I write and edit for as well, whether it's articles or marketing materials. 



What does a regular day look like for a New York City writer? 

— This past Tuesday was pretty normal and low-key, which I love. I'm a night owl and don't usually go to bed before 3am, so my editor-in-chief woke me up with a phone call at 10am. We spoke for about an hour, brainstorming and figuring out my next few projects, and then I made my to-do list for the day. 

I’d honestly NEVER get anything done if I didn't spend a few minutes each day making a to-do list, prioritizing all my tasks, and then referring back every few hours to make sure I didn't miss anything. 

The next two hours were spent working on a last-minute copywriting project for the magazine's website. Around 1pm, I went out for a quick walk around the block so I could pick up a sparkling water and matcha green tea latte from Whole Foods (I love my apartment's location). After that, I worked on some social media scheduling for the magazine, caught up on client emails, organized some editorial submissions, and then I took a break to see if a pregnant giraffe on live camera had given birth yet. Is anyone in Europe watching this, or is it just an American thing? It's consuming my whole freakin' life. Anyways…

My last big project of the day was another copywriting/editing deadline for a beauty client, which I finished around 8pm. At this point, my brain was fried so I decided to splurge with a trip to Shake Shack - a total obsession of mine. I swear, it's dangerous living only a block away. 

I spent the rest of the evening listening to demos from a few recording studios (I moved to NYC for my music career, so I've been looking for the right studio to record my next track), catching up on random household chores, watching a couple episodes of BBC's Victoria, and getting in a 1am workout before showering and going to bed. 


Any sources of inspiration you could share?

— I have lots! Personal development is an important area for me, so I'm always looking for new mentors. One of my favorites is Chalene Johnson, who I've been learning from for the past six years. She's an amazing entrepreneur, mentor, and motivational speaker. Then, for music, I have a whole list of artists and composers who inspire me, from Gladys Knight to James Horner. 


The best date you have been on in NYC? 

— I’d say one of my favorites was just a low-key first date at Baker Street - an Irish pub, and my favorite local watering hole. I'm friends with the staff, so I wasn't too nervous, and the guy was really cool. He was a fireman (enough said, right?) and had no ego or sense of entitlement - something I encounter a LOT in Manhattan. Even though NYC is the perfect place for lavish, over-the-top wining and dining, I'm a lot more low-maintenance when it comes to dating. Several rounds of drinks and hours of laid-back laughter with a member of the FDNY was more than good enough for me! 

7 random facts about Lauren

Listen to when writing: I can't listen to music when I'm writing, or I'll ditch my deadlines to go work on a new song. I usually keep reruns of my favorite sitcoms running in the background like The Golden Girls, Everybody Loves Raymond, and Living Single. 

Favorite street in NYC is: Madison Avenue

Siblings: Is the youngest of five, has 5 older brothers 

Drink at the Irish pub Baker street - I always stick with vodka sodas

Orders at Shake Shack: A Shack burger, fries, and a black and white cookie frozen concrete

What pick-up line would not have you running - Don't think any pickup line has actually worked on me, haha. I prefer guys to just casually start chatting.

Worst line you have ever heard: Yo baby - oh wait, I'm sorry - HOLA, MAMI!" (He assumed I was Puerto Rican.)





Curious to find out more? Check out her website : And to listen to Lauren's music click here.

 After having been cursed with the wrong flatmate Lauren recently left NYC and is currently living in Seattle, the city of amazing seafood. But NYC, she’ll be back! 


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