Empire state of mind

Working on a webpage that is supposed to be the start. The beginning of my empire. That's right. Empire.

Empire of what exactly? Well, that is left to be seen. Here's the thing. I have realized that not only do I have dreams reaching for the stars, the moon and the willingness to work my ass off to get there. I also have friends in the limited edition category To-die-for who are willing to give me a bitchslap when I begin to think that I can't do it and then they remind me: "Your dream job isn't just going to come to you, you have to work for it!!" Now that's a direct quote.

That's sort of what we do for eachother. When the world tells us to get a stable job and not pursuit the dream, we say: Don't give up!

"Dream big, focus on your goals, stay positive and work hard! And you can achieve your wildest dreams if you are willing to work for it." (Inspiration à la Kristina Bazan)

And that's what we're doing.

Sitting at the table here in my appartment, Empire State of Mind by Alicia Keyes playing in the background, cause it's perfect for the moment when I try to describe what I want.
So here it is. Two sentences that capture the essence of the life of a graduate.

"I want it all, and I want it know. So hire me and help me get it."

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Escaping the ulster boys

Hot mama! Så det var något otippat. Att resan till Frankrike skulle öka suget efter Irland.
So yes, we met a couple of Irish people. Well actually more than a couple. A whole bunch actually. From Northern Ireland to be more specific. Jumping around in the middle of the street, celebrating having just lost... to Poland in the European Cup. That was our first experience with the Irish - a group of drunk guys, singing "We're the Ulster boys" as four cops stood watching.
One of the Irish told me with a smile that the polish had asked why they were happy having just lost the game: "It doesn't really matter if we loose. We're a happy bunch, just glad to be here. As long as there's beer."
It was the night of her birthday when they caught us on our way home and asked if we wouldn't join them for a drink.
Two girls on vacation and who much rather say yes than no - we were easy targets.
The Irish somehow found a club that was though suspicious it was also more importantly: still open and serving.
So we learned something. If there is a bar still letting people in when all others have locked their doors - It takes an Irish to find it. True story.
As the night was coming to an end - most importantly because it was 5 in the morning the next week was getting ready to take over - the suspicious bar closed and kicked us out.
One of the Irish: "Lets have another drink"
Us: - Everywhere's closed. And we have to go home... 
One of the Irish: No come on. I'm sure there's someplace that is still open!!
We looked at each other knowing that they would find a place, still open, and that we were about to pull an all nighter.
So we turned around and ran, yelling "Byyee" just as we disappeared around the corner.
That's generally how we stop ourselves from continuing to party forever - the disappearing act.
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