När jag kände den ljuvliga doften av choklad som reste sig från Guldlådan, var det droppen över bägaren. Jag hoppade snabbt upp från soffan på jakt efter lunch. För det är faktiskt först efter maten som man äter efterrätt, har jag hört i alla fall. Inte för att jag själv brukar följa denna så kallade ”regel”. 

Egentligen var det en bekant till mig som uppmärksammade mig på det när hon vägrade att smaka på de svenska (vi var i New York) godbitarna i godispåsen jag tagit med mig, förrän efter att vi hade ätit middag. Vilket visserligen var helt okej. Förutom att det här var en godispåse fylld till brädden med sura, salta och söta godisbitar - the best of the best - och så ville hon vänta. Det kändes… fel. 

Något förvirrad gick jag med på den bisarra idén att Vänta med att äta godis till efter maten? Och vi började med våra fantastiskt goda hamburgare på Shake Shack innan jag fick tillåtelse att plocka fram godispåsen. 

Så fast att jag egentligen inte brukar vänta till efter maten kände jag att det alltid är kul med lite variation i vardagen. 

Förresten är det inte så att vi var helt laglösa i vår hus, snarare var min mor Drottningen och hon styrde över oss med en militärisk precision. Det var bara det att den här Godis-äter-man-Efter-maten-regeln inte var en del av familjens repertoar. 

Fast det är mycket möjligt att den fanns och helt enkelt ignorerades av mig och mina systrar som alltid varit envisa var och en för sig, men när vi slog ihop våra krafter var det få som kunde stoppa oss från att göra det vi ville. Lite som systrarna Halliwell (Förhäxad referens). Hur som helst kan man säga att vi inte bara åt godis på lördagar, även om var det såklart var lite extra festligt då.  

Men tillbaka till regeln. Personligen anser jag att efterrätten smakar som bäst om den avnjuts innan huvudrätten serveras. Något som på intet sätt har att göra med bristande tålamod, och självklart tror jag på konceptet Efterrätt efter maten också, bara det att jag inte riktigt tror på begränsningar. När det kommer till efterrätt är mitt motto - more is better! 

Men det är något synnerligen smaskigt med att äta den söta desserten innan varmrätten. Testa om du inte redan gjort det! 

Som du säkert listat ut så var den ovannämnda guldlådan, den som fick mig att springa in till köket på jakt efter mat, full av dessert. Eller i det här fallet noggrant utvalda chokladpraliner från favorit-chokladbutiken Leonidas, som är sista stoppet på min mors årliga besök hos sin syster i Belgien. 

Den här lådan är en Sara-specialare och består främst av bitar av mörkchoklad med likörfyllning. 

Med guldlådans innehåll i åtanke har jag gjort den objektiva bedömningen att väntandet tjänade mig fem guldstjärnor. Vilket inte alls är så illa för en helt vanlig tisdag. 


The heartwarming scent of rich chocolate rising from the Gold box on the table did it. I was quickly on my feet heading for the kitchen in search of some lunch. 

Because you have to eat your food before having dessert, or so I’ve heard. Not that this is a rule I usually follow. 

It was actually a friend who brought my attention to this fact when she insisted to wait before trying the delicious pieces of Swedish candy (we were in NYC) until after we had finished our dinner. Now this was fine. Only that this was a bag of candy filled with all the favorites: salty licorice, sweet and sour pieces, it was the best of the best and she wanted to wait. It just felt… wrong.  

Somewhat confused I agreed to go along with this bizarre idea of Waiting until after dinner? And so we started with a couple of burgers from Shake Shack before I got the green light to bring out the candy. Now even though I don’t usually wait until after eating, it just isn’t how I was brought up, I do enjoy some variation in my routines. 

And just for the record it’s not like we were total outlaws in our house. In contrast my mother was the Queen and she ruled over us with military precision. It was simply that this Dessert-comes-After-food-rule wasn't part of our repertoar. 

Though I must admit that there is a strong possibility that it existed and was ignored by me and my sisters, who have always been stubborn enough each on our own, but next to invincible when we joined forces. A bit like the Halliwell sisters (Charmed reference). The power of three. So yes, you could say that we didn’t only enjoy candy on Saturdays, even if it was more special then. 

But back to the rule. I am of the personal opinion that dessert and candy tastes better when enjoyed before the main course. This having nothing to do with failing patience and though I believe in the concept of dessert after dinner too, I just don’t believe in limitations. When it comes to dessert my motto is - More is better! 

With that said, I must say that there is something particularly delicious about tasting a sweet pastry before starting on the main. You should try it! 

As you have probably figured out already, the Gold box mentioned above, the one that had me running for the kitchen, was filled with dessert. Or in this case carefully selected pieces of chocolate from our favorite-store Leonidas which is the last stop on my mother’s yearly visit to her sister in Belgium. 

This box is a Sara-special-mix and consists of dark chocolate pralines with liquor. Now with the content in mind I did an objective assessment that the waiting earned me five gold stars. Not to shabby for a regular Tuesday.

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Just say YES

"If you don't say yes to new opportunities when they come along,
regardless of where you are in life, 
-  you'll never reach your full potential." 
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When logical thinking goes out the window

We had just had dinner - me, my sister and my mother - and were relaxing in front of Netflix when suddenly there was a sound. From outside. Knowing we were home alone the sound stopped us cold. Something bumped into something else and then it stopped.

All of a sudden the living room door was closed and I was sitting on the dining table. Not really sure exactly how it happened, but apparently my reflexes work like spiderman. 

Sure I’ll trip over my own feet while walking down the street in a pair of ballerinas, but a sound that is out of place and there is no telling what I’ll do. Or in this case, where I’ll end up. 

When the sound had stopped my sister and mother, who where slightly stunned but doing their best to ignore that I was sitting on the table (?), were standing. The room was quiet, and we were listening for more sounds. Was someone in our house? Was anyone outside? What the hell was that sound? 

Then my mother realized ”maybe it was the mouse trap?”

So you’re probably wondering what the F happened and probably getting a bit restless wondering if I’m ever going to get to the point. 

Yes I will but you see, some things you can’t simply blur out as it will lead to misunderstandings and then you’ll be laughing too. And we don’t want that. 

So here’s the thing.

There was a rat or a mouse in the house. Not really sure which and honestly, even though I’ve heard that apparently there is a big difference as mouses are supposedly cute, I don’t really care. Cause, it’s a rat, or a mouse and to me, it might as well had been a squirrel. It’s an animal, and it belongs outside. 

We knew we had a problem with rats in the house and ever since we found out my mother and father had carefully laid out traps in hopes of catching them. 

Anyhow, when my mother had uttered the likeliness that it was probably a mouse I jumped off the table and opened the door. 

I mean, even if there was someone in our house, what where we supposed to do - Sit trapped inside a room with a glass door? Not exactly hidden or discrete. But we had decided that it was most likely just a rat. So I looked outside in the hallway just to be sure a robber wasn’t hiding outside and said it. 

”I know what we should do!” I said with a certainty that I still haven’t really realized actually makes people around me think I really know what I’m doing. Which sometimes I do, yes, but mostly I’m just making it up as I go. 

They waited for the answer and I turned around and pointed at my younger sister. 

”I think you should go check it out.” 

And this is where they stopped and then bursted out laughing. I suppose it was not volunteering myself that had them laughing, but before you do too! You should know that I had at this point done a quick calculation in my head and come to the conclusion that; my mother might have been the parent, but her reactions aren’t always the best. And though I consider myself fearless and most often cool headed, my reflexes are sometimes unpredictable and can get me seriously injured (and they have and I’ll tell you about that some other time). So out of the three of us, my little sister, who is ridiculously strong I might add, was the best pick. 

So yes, it made the most sense to send her out. And though she is my younger sister, it’s only by one year and she’s way more responsible than I. 

AND there was a rat. I mean, when there’s a rat involved, logical thinking goes out the window, really. So yes, I did say it. And yes there was cause for my mother and my little sister to stop for a minute, glance at me (as if I was insane) and then burst out laughing. But it was my natural reaction. Like I said - totally unpredictable. 

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