7 tops of 2015

A roadtrip to the wescoast that was beyond fun - Discovering that my mom is also one of my best friends -
Realizing my best friend is more like a sister - Sipping wine under the sun with good friends - Drinking way too much coffee (as usual) - The feeling of buying those tickets to NYC - And falling inlove w/ the city once again -
Look forward to 2016!
Roadtrip - Stockholm - friends - new years eve - wine

On a hot date

Is there a better way to follow up a trip to Ikea than with a hot date?
Yes okay, so it's a hot date with a close friend, which I think only makes it better, cause she's guaranteed to make me laugh. So no akward silence. We've actually worked our way away from things that could be akward. We really have no limits anymore. 
And shares my love for a glass of red.
Tonight we're celebrating that 2015 is coming to an end and for an even better 2016. Now I'm gonna but my phone down so she doesn't throw hers at me. 

Ikea - Stockholm - date - girls

finally made it

Igår blev det äntligen en tur till Ikea med vännen. Och fast vi inte lyckades pricka in en av de lugnare vardagarna så strosade vi ändå runt och planerade inredningen i hennes nya lägenhet. Men innan det blev det en långlunch/middag följt av fika och tjejsnack.
Själv fick jag med mig två par efterlängtade champagneglas. Jag hann bara precis packa upp, diska och ställa dem i diskstället innan den ena rasade in i den andra. Så står jag med två champagneglas kvar. Aja.
Champagneglas i all ära, det jag verkligen längtar efter att köpa in är min nya espressopress som jag har spanat in. Får fira in det nya året med en kopp färskpressad kaffe istället. <3
Yesterday I finally made it to Ikea. Even though it wasn't during one of the more quiet days of the week, we strolled around and managed to plan the decoration of her new appartment. But not before enjoying a long lunch/dinner with meatballs and mashed potatoes (my favorite) followed by a coffee and the obligatory girl-talk session.
The result of the trip was two pairs of goreous champagneglasses. Of course I only just unpacked, washed and put them on the dishwash place before one fell into the other, leaving me with two glasses. Oh well.
Though I do love champagne and those glasses were cute, what I really can't wait to get is the espresso press I've been eyeing. Guess I'll just have to celebrate the new year with a up of freshly brewed coffee. <3
champagne - espresso press - ikea - stockholm