So here we are. Two girls heading for our next adventure and it could not have come in better time. A hectic fall followed by an even busier spring put its mark and now there is nothing I want more than to leave reality behind for a couple of weeks and travel around Tuscany, have a glass of red wine with the italien language in the background - and look for Paulo. 

You know what, when I think about it I have wanted to go on this trip for almost ten years, to travel through Italy by train, to eat and drink wine - and now I’m finally doing it. With her. The girl who knows all my secrets. The one who despite my bitchy-moments still loves me. 

A friend of ours sent me a warning earlier to "be careful and please don’t go off with with strangers in ice-cream bars." 

Let’s just say that we both always have the mental starting point : Yes! A safe recipe for adventure. 

Just said yes to a glass of champagne! 🥂 So see you on the other side of Italy! ❤️ Ciao Paolo! 

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Team fabulous

English translation below. 
Senaste veckorna har sms:en från vännerna samlats i en liten hög i min inbox. Även om jag i vanliga fall brukar vara exceptionellt bra på att svara på de små pauserna i vardagen har standard svaret de senaste veckorna varit ”Jag har event snart (senare: är onsite) - lever igen om en vecka. Hörs.”
Förra veckan öppnade kongressen jag jobbat på i sju månader dörrarna för 1900 deltagare från hela landet. Veckorna innan hade som förväntat härjats av långa dagar (läs nätter) på kontoret tillsammans med teamet som bestod av Projektledaren Ala och Registreringsansvarige Helle. Tolv timmars dagarna har varit fyllda av mejl, sms och samtal med talare och utställare för att försäkra sig att alla dyker upp på rätt tid och plats. Så har det varit produktion av de sista skyltarna, bildspelen och de sista beställningarna.
Väl på plats var det två intensiva dagar av språng, backstagehäng med tekniker och med min lilla svarta väska laddad med en otroligt välpackad survival kit fanns det faktiskt inga problem jag inte kunde lösa.
Två minuter efter alla hade lämnat byggnaden packade vi ihop allt i en lastbil, åkte tillbaka till kontoret och packade upp igen. När det väl var slut kändes det, precis som alla sa innan, nästan lite tomt. Min bebis hade vuxit upp och lämnat - allt roddande, mejlande och tja all arbete och så pouf! borta. Som tur var är Helle en tjej med fantastisk känsla för när en situation kräver champagne och vips så hade hon hällt upp tre glas och tre trötta tjejer avslutade en lång vecka drickandes bubbel på kontoret. Sedan var det en incident med en rosa peruk också som fick oss alla att tjuta av skratt men det tar vi nån annan gång. 
En sammanfattning av de senaste 4 veckorna
  • Snittlängd på lunchpaus: 15 minuter 
  • Standardfrasen på kongressen: Det löser sig! (Det gör det alltid #Timbuktu)
  • Antalet koppar kaffe: Oräkneligt (Let’s not even go there)
  • Redbull: För att det är bra att varva kaffet med nåt…
  • Nya besattheten: Matcha latte (så äckligt att det blir gott!)
  • Gånger vi brutit ihop: Ungefär 48
  • Teamets nya titel efter kongressen: Team Awesome (för det var vi verkligen)

The last couple of weeks the texts from my friends have gathered on a small pile in my inbox. Though I consider myself to be exceptionally good at using those short breaks for answering the standard reply has these past weeks has been ”Have an event/am onsite - I’m alive again in a week.” 

Last week the congress I have spent 7 months preparing for opened the doors for 1900 participants from all around the country. 

As always with events, the weeks prior were dominated by long days (read: nights) at the office together with a team that consisted of a Project leader Ala and our Delegate & Hotel Coordinator Helle. 

Twelve hour days have been filled with emailing, texting and calling speakers and exhibitors to ensure that everyone shows up at the right time. Then there was the production of the last signs and of course putting in the last orders. 

Onsite I spent two intense days running across the venue, hanging backstage with technicians and with my little black bag loaded with an incredibly handy survival kit there really were no problems I couldn’t solve. 

Two minutes after the venue had been cleared out we packed up and headed back to the office to unpack. 

When it was over it felt, just as everyone said it would a bit empty. My baby had grown up and left the nest - all the preparations, emailing and well, all that work and pouf! gone. 

Luckily Helle is a woman with an amazing sense of when a situation calls for champagne and abracadabra - 3 glasses appeared from thin air and three beyond exhausted girls finished a long week with a glass of champagne at the office. 


A summary of the past 4 weeks

  • Average length lunch break: 15 minutes
  • Standard phrase onsite: Everything will be alright! 
  • Number of cups of coffee: Countless
  • Redbull: Because you need something other than coffee  
  • New obsessions: Matcha latté (so bad it tastes good after a while!) 
  • Times we broke apart: Approximately 48
  • Our teams new title post-congress: Team Awesome (because we were)


Day before event, just arrived at the venue.
Yes, so I was a bit annoying but how else do you end up with goodies like this? 
Critical moments in the program Ala was parked by the technicians - and I was generally running to get performers or keynote speakers. 
 The view backstage. 
The feeling after we absolutely dominated the first day - what a power team!



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Turning thirty is all about milestones. That is a common fact. But it’s only when you hit one that you truly start believing it. 

Yesterday I hit one of my own - when I had my very first crying-at-work experience. Lack of sleep, not really eating and combined with working for two weeks non stop and there you have it. And talk about the power of a few tears - though not my favorite thing to do in public - next to a good run, it worked as a great stress-release. 

Instead of a Saturday at the office as planned I spent most parts of the day in bed - sleeping - eating chocolate macaroons, listening to opera and writing - a fabulous combination worth trying! 

Being a relentless and I realize a bit annoying always see-the-positive-side-of-things kind of girl of course I celebrated this milestone: Saturday night was spent at a jazzbar Erlands with a writer friend - Becky Bloomwood - having Fitzgeralds and drinking red wine. Two minutes after our drinks arrived the girl at the table next to ours dipped her hair into the candle and suddenly the small bar was filled with smoke. 

A few screams and for the first time in my life I got to throw a glass of water in someones face. Other than my own.  

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