Since October the combination of work and more work has left me with very little time for anything that can be called a social life. Not to complain, but as the new manager of a sucessful student union nightclub the pressure to do well is high. The university term ended with a bang on friday, well at least the part that I'm responsible for, and on Tuesday it's time for some holiday-time. Finally. First a turn to Stockholm and then Gothenburg where a meet with a few of my Brighton classmates is on the schedule.

First off I have two days to get through. Hopefully without too many injuries that will put a mark on the holidays.
Newly turned back into a brunett and with Christmas just around the corner all that is missing is the girls who are returning from their respective student city. I'm loving it!

Goodnight for now!

Miss Sundsvall

I'll be sooo happy coming home! Can't wait to see you!! <3


Najs blogg du har :) Ska vi följa varandra på bloglovin? :)