Be your own national anthem

This is a love letter. Well a love letter of sorts I suppose. A letter to all the amazing women in my life and all the women I don’t even know. 

Today is the International Women’s day. Actually in Stockholm it was yesterday. So I’m running a bit late. 

It is a a day devoted to bringing attention to women’s rights, and of course there is a very clear political side of it. It’s a shame that being a feminist has for some become a dirty word connected with certain stereotypes. I think we all know them, so I won’t waste my words. Needless to say they are completely irrelevant to me, because they’re not accurate. To me and many others there is no confusion surrounding what feminism is. 

It’s about a woman’s rights. Her right to equal pay (the same as her male colleagues), her right to dress as she wants, speak her mind and behave as she pleases. Without being discriminated or violated. 

There are many musts connected with being a woman. Today, on the International women’s day, we fight against those musts. So here’s to one more year of fighting to change that must to Want

To all the women out there, 

Kick ass. Be true to yourself, don’t care what other people think of you - ultimately everyone will have their opinion but they don’t have to live your life, you do. 

Be kind. Life is just so much better when you are

Know that you are capable and smart, don't ever let anyone convince you otherwise. Don't limit yourself, you can be anything and everything you are willing to work for. Believe in yourself. Wake up every day and salute yourself. Be your own national anthem! Cause you know what? 

Wait for it.

Wait for it. 

You are freaking amazing! 


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