Mother's Day

On Friday, after having worked straight through Thursdays Swedish holiday I pushed past any doubts I might have had about taking the train home for the weekend. 

So yes, I knew that this upcoming week was going to be a lot and I do mean A LOT of work, it being my first congress at MCI and all and sure, a quiet weekend at home would have been nice, BUT it was Mother’s day. So I decided that it was going to be worth it and around seven in the evening I left the office. As I arrived in Gävle I phoned my mom and casually said that I was just going home and how it of course had taken some time because I had to take the train and everything and she turned silent. 

Me: ”Can you guess where I am?” 

Her: ”Are youuuu?” 

Me: ”Can you come and get me from the trainstation?” 

And so she hung up on me! 

Gotta love my mother’s reactions. 

Ten minutes later she arrived to get me. Besides being home and getting to make her breakfast this morning, I spent all of yesterday with my five year old nephew having picknicks (yes more than one because that’s how you get a five year old to stop long enough for you to have a cup of well needed coffee!), playing volleyball and how when you don’t have what you need you make something up. 

Our intense play session got me somewhat drained of energy today and so I have decided that this upcoming week is going to be the Week of Coffee (like most weeks are). 

I will simply have one more cup of coffee than usual (probably with tons of sugar in it as coffee really doesn’t have an effect on me) - problem solved.

Perks of being at home. 
Something like this has the tendency to magically appear on the table. 
Just outside the door. 
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