Turning thirty is all about milestones. That is a common fact. But it’s only when you hit one that you truly start believing it. 

Yesterday I hit one of my own - when I had my very first crying-at-work experience. Lack of sleep, not really eating and combined with working for two weeks non stop and there you have it. And talk about the power of a few tears - though not my favorite thing to do in public - next to a good run, it worked as a great stress-release. 

Instead of a Saturday at the office as planned I spent most parts of the day in bed - sleeping - eating chocolate macaroons, listening to opera and writing - a fabulous combination worth trying! 

Being a relentless and I realize a bit annoying always see-the-positive-side-of-things kind of girl of course I celebrated this milestone: Saturday night was spent at a jazzbar Erlands with a writer friend - Becky Bloomwood - having Fitzgeralds and drinking red wine. Two minutes after our drinks arrived the girl at the table next to ours dipped her hair into the candle and suddenly the small bar was filled with smoke. 

A few screams and for the first time in my life I got to throw a glass of water in someones face. Other than my own.  

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