So here we are. Two girls heading for our next adventure and it could not have come in better time. A hectic fall followed by an even busier spring put its mark and now there is nothing I want more than to leave reality behind for a couple of weeks and travel around Tuscany, have a glass of red wine with the italien language in the background - and look for Paulo. 

You know what, when I think about it I have wanted to go on this trip for almost ten years, to travel through Italy by train, to eat and drink wine - and now I’m finally doing it. With her. The girl who knows all my secrets. The one who despite my bitchy-moments still loves me. 

A friend of ours sent me a warning earlier to "be careful and please don’t go off with with strangers in ice-cream bars." 

Let’s just say that we both always have the mental starting point : Yes! A safe recipe for adventure. 

Just said yes to a glass of champagne! 🥂 So see you on the other side of Italy! ❤️ Ciao Paolo! 

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