How to satisfy yourself

I love being single. You know just in case my previous writings hasn’t made that fully clear. I love it, like more than anything. Well of course I love my family and friends etc but I LOVE being single. While some people go from relationship to relationship and long to find that one person who will be their constant plus one at gatherings.

I love the freedom of not being tied to one person. 

And while I fully understand the desire to find a partner in life - most of my friends are in a state of twosomeness and I could not be happier for them - I absolutely love it when a friend who hasn’t found someone yet is in need to hear that it’s okay and I get to bring up all the upsides of using the time before you find him or her wisely. 

Here’s how I look at it. I’m a firm believer of the need to focus on yourself! Of getting to know yourself before you get to know someone else and also in the strength that comes out of not being in a relationship. 

As my grandmother put it, ”Before you can love someone else, you have to love yourself and be a whole person”. God I love that woman, talk about a source of inspiration. 

So when a friend needed to hear that is was more than okay if not preferable to completely ignore that wonderful pressure society has a tendency to put on people that you have to ”find someone to share your life with” - I was more than happy to step in. Because sometimes there is nothing better than to be the only person in your own life to have to consider when making a decision. And seriously the best thing ever is being as selfish as you can only be before someone decides to put a ring on it, or you become a parent and it’s no longer just about you. 

Enjoy being spontaneous, lying in bed with a glass of wine and a really good book and going out for a late-night coffee-run just cause you got the urge, at eleven PM. 

This is Emily exploring NYC from the window of our hotelroom #BeSpontaneous

P.S obviously the whole lying in bed drinking wine and running out in the middle of the night for coffee are stuff that I do and not to be recommended for everyone. Obviously. 

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