I'll take you to the (barber)shop

Over the past couple of years it has become consistently more popular for men to grow a beard. What exactly happened? All of everywhere you looked men where walking in a row, all dressed in a shirt and a beard taken out of a magazine from the 1800s. And it wasn’t like everyone (okay me) thought, just a fashion trend that came and would quickly passed. Instead four years passed and friends and brother’s every now and then still challenge each other in their new favorite game: the contest of Whoever has the Biggest beard wins.  

If you believe Iman Khalaf it just doesn't get any manlier than the beard. He is one of the five men mentioned above. No, I take that back, he is rather the guy they visit when wanting to cut, trim or style their beards. After having finished beauty school not four year had passed before Iman started the salong Barbershop in the west coast city Borås. 

Personally I prefer a three-day shade, just the kind of girl I am and a month long project isn’t really my thing. But it does seem that every man who is not blessed with a beard wishes they had one to brag about. 


— When the trend came 4 years ago it was mainly hipsters who had a beard but today a whole lifestyle has developed around it. Us men don’t really do our nails or use makeup so a beard becomes our own thing. Personally I think that the beard becomes an accessory for men, Iman says.  

So where did the love story of Iman and the beard first begin? 

— I have always had an interest in fashion and when it was time to choose a high school I chose beauty school with focus as a hairdresser. I graduated in 2000 and the same day I started working. In 2004 I opened my own salong and it went amazingly well so a couple years later we moved into a new studio and had a reopening. 


How come you started Noberu? 

— In 2013 I finished second place in the contest Swedens best beard and discovered that there was a huge demand for male beauty products. That’s when Johan Lindell and I started Noberu of Sweden. 18 month’s later you could find us Noberu in 22 countries and we keep growing for each passing day. 


What is the difference between a hairdresser and a barber? 

— The main difference is that a barber works exclusively with men. Of course a hairdresser can work with beards and shaving, so a hairdresser works with both men and women. 


What is the best part of having a beard? 

— That you don’t have to shave! I love my beard! It’s like wearing a nice coat. 


What should men with beard do? 

— Use good products and trim. 


What is a BIG no no? 

— Seeing a bad barber or use products that contain silicon. 


Name a couple usual mistakes you have seen men do in styling? 

— Just like women many men use bad products that contain lots of crap. Or they simply use too many products. 

Do you have a secret trick to stop your beard for scratching your partner when kissing? 

— Just get a someone who loves a beard. No but seriously, in my experience the longer the beard the better. 


4 quick ones: 

Name your worst fashion choice? I love all of them, they were right when I did them. 

You favorite style? The one I have today. Rock but dressy. 

Food that always gets stuck in your beard? Hamburger and semla. 

What people without a beard could never understand? How much you can love your beard! 


3 tips for men with beard: 

Have a good barber

Use great products (Noberu!) 

Give it lots of love  

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