All about Gary Vee

What I love about following the few bloggers I do, is that occasionally they will post an entry that points me in the direction of my next great source of inspiration. Or your next ”flavor of the month” as this particular source puts it. 

Being the total inspiration-junkie I am, I must admit that I was totally sold after only one hour (!) and yes, I might have texted a few close friends and suggested (perhaps ordered) them to check out this dude. 

The blogger in question is the amazing Erika Fox aka Retro-Flame who not only has a great since of style (and hair!!) but who I love even more than I did before now that she has introduced me to my newest favorite inspirational speaker: Gary Vee! 

Since discovering him my inspiration-mood board has a couple of new additions and more will surely come within the next few days. 

Seeing that I just only now discovered Gary Vee, who is seriously even more inspirational than you could even imagine(!), I am getting updated. Which can be translated into me watching all the content he has ever put up (or just about) on youtube while writing this. And then when I leave the house I'll continue listening on Podcasts. It is at times like this that I love technology! 

This is the post that Retro Flame wrote about her meeting with Gary and about career advice that actually work, check it out here. Watch it and tell me you don't love her hair! I dare you. 

Now what I personally love about Gary Vee, after listening to his stuff for about 48 hours, is that he motivates you to first of all find out who are/what you love to do and are good at! And then to work 24/7 and hustle to make it happen. Hustle being the magic word. 

There is only so much I can say without writing a novel. Just check out #GaryVee. You never know, it just might change your life. Enjoy!

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