Saturday in pictures

It started about six months ago. The search for the perfect weekend when everyone was in the country and with no set plans. 

This year marks the ten year anniversary of our high school graduation and I decided that we simply had to celebrate ten years passing since that sunny day in 2007 when we all wore white and at least in theory left school behind. After having spent a couple of month’s going back and forth with the girls checking dates we found a day that suited everyones schedule; this Saturday.

Needless to say there was an event created on Facebook and of course one of the girls has strongly decided against the social media platform - you know cause otherwise it might be too easy trying to arrange a meet up for four women living in different cities, with different job and vacation schedules! 

Anyways, I always like a good challenge so I spent the evenings giving them updates through Facebook, snapchat, messenger and phone calls. I decided to go ahead and plan the day myself and simply send them a schedule that they could veto. Thankfully they did not and to be honest after having put quite a few hours into the project there is a chance I would have pushed someone overboard if I had heard a veto.

This Saturday the girls dropped into my apartment and once they were all here we took a stroll to the park where we found a spot by the water.

There we had a lovely picknick lunch which we enjoyed together with some bubbly as we took turns sharing stories of our lives post-high school. Though we all know each other it was fun to hear what everyone thought of their lives ten years after graduation. 

When we had had enough of the blistering sun (it was seriously so hot) we headed back home for some down time before dinner. 

On the way back we found a place to snap some pictures with our high school graduation outfits. 

Back at my apartment we took a moment to rehydrate, update Instagram-feeds and a touch up before leaving for the bus. 

My plan was to take the ferry out to Fjäderholmarna (one of Stockholms many fabulous islands) for a dinner at the restaurant Rökeriet. We arrived early with a whole hour to go before our dinner reservation and decided to go for a walk and ended up finding a cute little getaway perfect for a pre-dinner drink. We ordered some strawberry mojitos and ten minutes later our drinks were still not in our hands. Tired of waiting Audrey got up and went to see what was taking them so long. Now I wasn’t there but knowing her I am pretty sure she stood and harassed the bartender until he finished mixing them up.

Two of the girls ordered wine and got a jump start while we waited for our drinks. 
Fifteen minutes before we had to leave they were ready and somehow we managed to drink and make it to the restaurant Rökeriet just in time for our dinner reservation. With a gorgeous view of the water we enjoyed seafood and a glass of wine that was - just perfect. 
Meeting the girls was just ridiculously fun and we left all pumped for the next reunion.
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