A view from my window

Today as I was sitting in my bed reading or rather re-reading Wedding Night by Sophie Kinsella when I discovered something. Something that my last and my current apartment have in common and what must be one of the perks of living a couple of floors closer to the sky. And of course I just love looking up from whatever I am currently writing on my computer and see a blue sky stretch out above the building across the street. 

What I discovered as I was turning the page was that from my bed I can see as airplanes come in for landing. 

And everyone knows that the only thing better than reading a really good book, is reading a really good book in the perfect surroundings. Like from a spot by the pool looking out over a vineyard in Florence. Or from a New York City rooftop with the sounds of the city buzzing below. 

Although not exactly Florence or NYC, but having a clear view of airplanes swishing by definitely make me miss my last apartment a little bit less. 

On my street. 
Walking on sunshine. 


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