From the other side of the story

Its not too often you can place a finger on a your timeline and pinpoint the moment that made you realized that a person was going to have a bigger role in your life than a brief cameo would have in a Tarantino-movie. Usually you know why you chose her, generally because you think that she is awesome. But why did she ever want to be more than let’s-have-a-coffee-every-6-month’s-kind-of-friends with you? 

This is something that most people tend to find out after the ten sometimes fifteen year mark of when a friendship started. Being a great believer in the ”If you don’t ask you will never find out”-wisdom and not at all being helped by how dangerously low my patience-level is when my curiosity is ignited - I did the only thing that made sense: I asked. 

So first you get to hear me rant about her. Then you get to hear her own voice, well, not her actual voice but her words about what she thought when she first saw me. 


From my side of the story  

First, let me tell you about the girl who will, to me, forever be known as the girl with award winning facial expressions. Something I firstly noted in class when someone made an obnoxious comment and one glance at her and I could barely contain myself, because her face was expressing exactly what she though about that comment. Which was basically; WTF, perhaps there should be a device to filter out unnecessary comments. 

She can best be described as the real life Rebecca Bloomwood. You know, the main character from ’Confessions of a Shopaholic’. (Dramatic paus to google the plot) Done? Okay good. 

So yes, she is Rebecca Bloomwood. I want to say minus the shopping-addiction but to be honest, I’m not completely sure about that. After all I have seen her walk-in closet (yes you heard me correctly! Walk-in! It’s okay to hate her) and she does have an awful lot of shoes and designer handbags. 

Her name is Yasmine and she was up until recently working as a video journalist at Sweden’s biggest finance magazine Dagens Industri. Today she is only a super talented writer, video journalist writing her first book. You know, after winning a scholarship and while starting her own business. 

Oh to top it off she is one of those people who is always dressed as though she had a fashion stylist to her aid and has a particular way of answering any question in a way that makes you believe she is the leading expert in that subject. Doesn’t really matter what the subject is. 

The first time I saw her she was wearing a hot pink jacket that suits her personality more than she could realize. Sparkling, confident and fun! 


It was leading towards the end of our first production class. She had just been elected to be Editor-in-Chief of our editorial exercise and as we were standing there she picked up her calendar to make a note of our next couple of meetings. Standing next to her I had a clear view of her calendar and of course I took a sneak peek. The pages for the upcoming weeks were filled with, well I should ask what wasn’t in there? 

It was choir practice, part time jobs, meetings with her boyfriend, a family she apparently spend lots of time with and childhood friends she made time for. Not only did she do way more than most people I knew, she organized it all in a paper calendar, paper! Call it what you will, but I call it love at first sight. 



Read "From her side of the story" in the next entry. 

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